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'The Cloud' Gets Less Fluffy, Part 2  Continued from Part One here.

Serious data transfer
Much of the processing that is done on files will involve taking the high bit rate source file, doing a transcode to multiple lower bit rate delivery formats, with QC before and after transcode.Read More >>

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'The Cloud' Gets Less Fluffy, Part 1
I was at the NAB exhibition, April 2014, when a senior person from a large US broadcaster came onto the Vidcheck booth and enquired if we had "a cloud solution".
More Cloud, Less Fog
By Richard Welsh, SMPTE Governor for EMEA and Central & South America Region and CEO at Sundog Media Toolkit. To cloud or not to cloud? The term "cloud" is somewhat maligned in the professional media environment; it has become a buzzword – maybe even a dirty word to some.
Blitz Film & Video Takes Up Arms With PROVYS
Running movie channels has always been an extremely thrilling and often risky job. Not because of the content itself, but due to more and more complicated rights, critical scheduling, and difficult revenue streams, writes Adam Zeman, Key Account Manager, Provys. In 2009, CineStar Cinemas (the largest Croatian chain) and Blitz Film and Video Ltd.
Cloud Rendering With Deadline
In CG content creation, image rendering is vital yet resource-intensive, requiring significant hardware and time to accurately calculate, writes Ryan Russell, Lead Developer of Thinkbox Software's Deadline. On-premise farms comprise components such as the operating system, CPUs, memory and other specs, and each piece demands ongoing maintenance for optimized performance.
Enterprise-Grade Connectivity From Consumer-Grade Internet
Nearly all aspects of Media Production can be done over the Cloud, from Creation to Production, Playout, Post Production, Remote Storage and Archiving, writes Johnnie Dymock, Director of Outside Broadcast & IP Connectivity specialist Wired Broadcast Ltd.
Widening Choices In Broadcast Playout
2015 has proved a landmark year for PlayBox Technology with more than 16,000 playout and branding channels round the world now powered by our range of products, writes Don Ash President, PlayBox Technology Limited. We now have an over 30 per cent share of the total worldwide playout channel market and a far higher proportion of the channel-in-a-box sector.
Designing For The Cloud Future
One of the key points about the transition to IP, virtualisation and the cloud is that it is forcing people to re-evaluate the way they regard open systems, writes James Gilbert, CEO, Pixel Power. The demands of broadcasting mean that our technology will always depend upon products specially developed for our industry.
Aspera Leveraged For I'm A Celeb
John Wastcoat, VP of business development at Aspera discusses how Network Ten, an Australian commercial broadcasting network, needed to move large content packages over the course of three months for the inaugural Australian spinoff of the television show, I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Each day, clips and other promotional materials needed to be transferred from the shooting location in
Broadcasters Benefit From The Cloud
Today's broadcast landscape is undergoing significant changes, as TV networks look to address consumer demand for personalized content, including advertisements, on every screen. By K.A. Srinivasan, Co-Founder, Amagi.
MAM Silver Lining
MAM solutions have served broadcasters and global media companies for over a decade however two key challenges remain: cost-effectiveness and practical deployment. By Julián Fernández-Campón, Director, Head of Solution Architecture, Tedial. Desktops, departments and multiple sites can work with third-party programme makers upstream and many more delivery partners downstream.
Measuring The Value Of Broadcast Network Management Systems
Implementing an end-to-end, multi-vendor network management system can have an immediate positive impact on your operation and deliver a surprisingly quick return on investment, writes Chris Barlow, Technical Director at Astec. The role of an end to end, multi-vendor Network Management System is very often underestimated.
Holidays In The Maldives Everyone?
It is well known that the volume of video being produced and distributed is increasing at an almost exponential rate.
IBC 2015 Encompasses The Ever-Changing Industry, Pt II
Continued from Part One... Imagine Communications (Amtrium – 4.AMT) will be running ImagineLIVE – an IBC-long series of presentations and interactive discussions featuring prominent executives and subject matter experts from the company, plus partner executives and guest speakers from across the entertainment media industry.
IBC 2015 Encompasses The Ever-Changing Industry, Pt I
We are all off to IPC at IBC, to pay our respects to SDI (and Rec. 709) and wonder if the standards that replace them will last anything near as long, writes George Jarrett.