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IBC2015: An Innovative And Immersive Experience Awaits  With more than 55,000 attendees from 170 countries around the world attending IBC last year, 2015 promises to be even bigger and better, with an array of new products and developments to be announced, as well as the highly-anticipated annual conference, featuring some of the leading industry innovators and policy makers.Read More >>

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The Immersive Experience: Everything For The Full House Consumer Set Will Be At IBC, Pt 2
Continued from Part One... Quantum (7.B26) has built a big market share with its StorNext 5 platform offering shared storage architecture which includes high-performance online storage, extended online storage and tape- and cloud-based archives. The new focus will be StorNext Connect, a management and monitoring toolset, which provides a visual dashboard of the entire operation.
The Immersive Experience: Everything For The Full House Consumer Set Will Be At IBC, Pt 1
The title chosen for the IBC conference – The Future of Media in an Age of Disruption – reflects neatly on a show where the widest mix of technologies ever seen in Amsterdam will vie for visitor attention, writes George Jarrett...
Taking Stock @ Tyrell – One Year On...
The last 12 months have been so busy and I've become so engrossed in my work on the other side of the technology-buying fence, it wasn't until somebody reminded me that I've been with Tyrell for over a year that I actually stopped and thought about it, writes Declan Hogan, Technical Director at Tyrell.
Omnitek's Ultra 4K Tool Box Meets The UHD/4K Challenge
UHD or 4K TV brings with it challenges that existing infrastructure and new equipment manufacturers must overcome: which interconnect standard to use/support – quad 3G, 12G or IP; which SDI data packing format – Square Division or 2-Sample Interleave – especially for multi-link standards; and data integrity at the higher-speeds of 6G and 12G-SDI.
3D, 4K, 8K And Ad Infinitum
The more you get, the more you want.
Improving Transport Stream Protection
When an idea is good in principle but doesn't quite work as well as it should in practice, there's a strong case for a re-think, writes Simen Frostad, Chairman of Bridge Technologies.
Murraypro Announce Two New Products For IBC
Murraypro will be unveiling two exciting new products at IBC in Hall 8. Their popular Test Chest receives a make over, and now gains the capability of interface directly with HDMI display ports on external devices. "We have been aware that Installers and System Integrators have been seeking an additional A+V mode that would extend testing capability to PC display ports.
Meeting The Standard Of Broadcast Monitoring
Founded in 1946, Tektronix is a leader in test, measurement and monitoring technology. Its expertise and products enable its customers to measure, analyse and test next generation devices to ensure accurate performance, reliability, and compatibility. Paul Robinson, CTO, Video Product Line at Tektronix, provides BFV with an insight into Broadcast Monitoring...
PHABRIX Adds Features Across The Range And Introduces Its New Qx At IBC 2015
PHABRIX has been developing its new 'next generation' Qx UHDTV test and measurement technology for release at IBC 2015 (Hall 10 B12). Having received a 'Best of Show' at NAB 2015, the Qx provides manufacturers with a comprehensive toolset for both analysis and generation of video signals with up to 48 Gbps payloads and importantly provides 12Gbps eye and jitter analysis.
Putting The Fun Back Into QC
OK, let's face it, no one enjoys doing QC. You spent all this time making a great looking and sounding program and now you've got to make sure it meets the various delivery requirements, writes Tom Dove, Vidcheck. You've done all the checks on the content itself ensuring that it is good for pre-9pm transmission, fuzzed out the faces that should be obscured etc. and rendered out your video.