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Studio Lighting With Prolight Direct  Traditionally Film and TV studios used tungsten lights to light their studios, says Ossie Jung, Prolight Direct.

Thirty years ago this was the only option and the norm, the down side was that these lights consumed huge amounts of electricity and generated immense heat which in turn necessitated the use of air condition units which in turn consumed even more electricity.Read More >>

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Stella LED Range Available In UK
Light & Motion, an imaging light manufacturer, has announced that UK stockists, Prolight Direct, CVP, Prokit, Wex Photographic, and Production Gear are to supply the newest portable and fully waterproof LED light range, Stella. The new Stella Line from Light & Motion consists of compact, rugged lights available for imaging professionals.
New Accessories For The SkyPanel Family Of LED Soft Lights
The SkyPanel is a versatile family of compact and fully tuneable LED soft lights, introduced at NAB this year and shipping in September 2015 as promised. The S60 is the mid-range model, while the S30 is smaller and more portable; both are available in fully color controllable (C) and remote phosphor (RP) versions.