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About Photon Beard Studio Lighting

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Specialist manufacturers of portable tungsten lighting and studio fluorescent lighting to the broadcast industry. All products are individually hand built to the highest standards.

Studio Lighting Services
Full design and installation service.
We also design and install studio lighting rigs for all types of studios and applications worldwide.

Photographic Studio Equipment
Specialist manufacturers of photographic studio equipment to the broadcast industry; Portable tungsten and studio fluorescent lighting that represents over 100 years of British design, development and manufacture. Studio Equipment products are individually hand built to the highest standards.

Photon Beard is based in Bedfordshire, supplying the whole of the UK with photographic studio equipment.

Fluorescent Lighting
The most cost-effective and efficient way of lighting a studio is by fluorescent lighting. Running costs for fluorescent lighting are 90% less than conventional tungsten lighting, due to low energy consumption, very low heat output and a much reduced air conditioning requirement. High colour rendering index lamps are suitable for television, films, video, stills and digital image recording. Lamps are cool running and flicker free, with a choice of tungsten or daylight colour balance. Average lamp life for fluorescent lighting is 10,000 hours with near constant colour temperature.

LED soft lights
The Photon Beard Highlight LED range takes the best available remote phosphor technology and combines it with a unique optical approach to give a punchy, full spectrum LED Luminaire with excellent CRI and TLCI in 3200K and 5600K variants. The colour temperature can be easily changed by swapping the snap in phosphor panels.

LED Redhead The PB80
Our first LED luminaire.
Videomaker Lighting product of the Year 2015.

The PB80 uses remote phosphor to deliver superb quality of light for image capture uses. Tested by Alan Roberts for the Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) it scored 95 for the daylight disc and 84 for the tungsten disc.

Tungsten Lighting
We are able to provide the following tungsten lighting equipment:

1. MicroBeam 200w Focusing Floodlight.
A small, versatile, focusing floodlight, ideal for use with modern cameras, which do not need high levels of light.

2. MiniBeam 300w Fresnel Spotlight.
A very compact and versatile fresnel spotlight, which is equally useful in the studio and on location, with a wide focus ratio (6:1) and a beam angle from 15 - 60 degrees.

3. PhotonBeam 800 & 1000 Focusing Floodlights.
The workhorses of studio and location lighting for many years, these lampheads feature a complete specification with quality construction and performance. The endless focus mechanism eliminates lamp shock when full focus is reached, and a surge resistor helps extend lamp life.

4. PhotonBeam 2000 Focusing Floodlight.
A long time favourite for studio and location lighting where high power is required. These lampheads feature a complete specification with quality construction and performance. The endless focus mechanism eliminates lamp shock when full focus is reached, and a surge resistor helps extend lamp life.

5. Minibroad 1000w Floodlight.
A very compact lightweight floodlight with a very smooth field. The folding reflector reduces the size and protects the lamp in transit. Ideal for location lighting particularly in architectural applications where the wide beam angle is useful.


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