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VDC Trading Ltd
+44 (0)20 7700 2777
VDC House,
4 Brandon Road, Kings Cross,
N7 9AA
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About VDC Trading Ltd

VDC Trading Ltd offers the most comprehensive range of specialist cabling and associated products and takes great pride in both the products we offer and the service we provide:

AES, Audio, Black Series, Blue Series, BNC, Broadcast, Brown Series, Cable, Cable Drums, Cat5e, Cat6, Assemblies, Ceeform, CEEP, Coax, Connectors, DDK, Digital Audio, D-SUB, EDAC, Fischer, GPO, Lemo, Looms, Mains, MDU, Microphone cable, MUSA, Neutrik, Olson, OB, PA-CON, Patch cord, Patch panel, Penn Elcom, Purple Series, Racks, Rean, Recording, Red Series, RF, Speaker Cable, Speakon, Stage Boxes, Star Quad, Studio Racks, Switchcraft, Triax, Van Damme, VDM Multipins, Video, XLR.
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