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Eloquence Autocue Services Midlands
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About Eloquence Autocue Services Midlands

We are pleased to offer you a solution for your presentation requirements tailor made to suit your specific needs. Give us a call and we WILL have a system for you.

TV Studio / On Location
Whether you are producing live TV or pre-recorded shows Eloquence Autocue Services
​offer all standard on-camera systems specific to your autocue, teleprompting or autocue prompter needs.​

Corporate Videos
Need to deliver a message to your company via intranet link, give a key presentation or produce an advertisement? Eloquence Autocue Services provide lectern based or mobile/static on camera prompting solutions specific to your requirements.

​Awards Ceremonies
So many awards, so many categories? Why worry about forgetting one or risk fumbling with cue cards? Eloquence Autocue Services supply discreetly placed lectern based prompting solutions to ensure a truly professional performance.

Wedding Speeches
Delivering a speech is one of the most nerve wracking moments of a Groom / Father of the Bride or Best Man's life; and it needs to go smoothly. Eloquence Autocue Services provide you with guidance and support and the teleprompting device to suit your big day.

Public Speaking
Get that important message out there with no stuttering or fumbling with cue cards. Eloquence Autocue Services provide a lectern based prompting system which helps you with the polished performance you and your audience are seeking.

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Eloquence Autocue Services Midlands
Worked with Eloquence (Sam) many times on the Big Questions BBC1. She uses all the latest equipment and is professional and courteous to all the crew. We use her on other OB shoots all over the country because she is so flexible.
, 16/02/2016
5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. user reviews.

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