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About In2Connect UK Ltd

With over 40 years experience in the supply of cable and connectors, In2Connect provide effective solutions to a wide range of standard and custom PCB and cable-end interconnect challenges.

In2Connect are a franchised distributor for the ITW McMurdo d-sub and other connector ranges, Sullins Electronics Edgecard connectors, Conec d-subs and other connector ranges, ITT Cannon circular connectors, ept backplane, 2mm Hard Metric, ATCA, MicroTCA, PC104 and DIN 41612 connectors, HTP DIN 43650 solenoid and Conec M8/M12 connectors.

Our prestigious, worldwide customer base in instrumentation, contract PCB manufacture, computer, communications, instrumentation, aerospace and military sectors and our world-class manufacturing and supply chain are testament to our commitment to deliver a wide choice of high quality, cost effective, d-sub rectangular I/O, multipin electronic PCB, military MIL-C connectors; and precision wires and cables.


We supply connectors with contacts for PCB through hole (hand, wave, vapour phase or infra-red soldering), surface, press fit, wire wrap, panel, cable-end crimp or IDC termination.

To add value to our connector offering we are able to convert any of our connector products into cost-effective, quality, cable assemblies - connector to connector, connector to open end, or panel to almost anything … saving you TIME plus the cash outlay in expensive hand or automatic machinery or materials wastage.

We supply UK manufactured, 100 & tested, labelled and bagged cable assemblies in low or high volume and will supply to the exact length required.

In2Connect specialise in:
  • Board to board ~ 2mm pitch micro connectors, Nicomatic CMM220 connectors, IDC cable assemblies, Edgecard, DIN 41612/7, PC 104 +, Custom PCB Connectors, Socket Systems, Flip Top test sockets.

  • Board to chassis/chassis to cabinet ~ Rack and panel Red Range, rectangular multipin d-sub plug and socket, DIN 41612, HE801, 2mm backplane, 2mm Hard Metric, ATCA, MicroTCA , PC 104.

  • Cabinet to cabinet/equipment to equipment ~ Rectangular, waterproof d-sub and filtered d-subs, High Density d-subs, 2mm micronector, MIL-C circular multipin wire end and panel mount connectors 26482, 5015 and D38999, Filtered and Hermetic circular connectors, IP68 nylon circular connectors, Solenoid connectors and cable harnesses..

  • Custom wires and cables ~ we can provide custom solutions for your specialty wire and cable requirements. We manufacture to customer, UL or MIL-SPEC specifications and are eager to assist you with your wire or cable design, whether you require a thousand foot prototype or a production run.


We supply connectors with contacts for PCB through hole (hand, wave, vapour phase or infra-red soldering), surface, press fit, wire wrap, panel, cable-end crimp or IDC termination.

Edgecard connectors, d connectors, waterproof d connectors, d connectors filter, combination d sub, connector accessories, 2mm Hard Metric backplane, PC 104, HE 801 2 part PCB, DIN 41612 connectors, rack and panel, IDC, micro connector 2mm, DIN 43650, RF and Coaxial connectors. Extreme temperature cables, medical cables, flexible cables, LiYY, air and space cables, Silicone LV cables, UL/CSA, fibre optic cables.
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