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Broco Media Pioneer New Music Licensing System

A new flagship music licensing system is being pioneered by music production company Broco Media in order to address the changing needs of the industry.
The new system is designed to give production companies and users of production music greater flexibility and control over the use of music in their productions, whilst maintaining high standards of production value. The new system is also designed to provide more financial consistency for production companies in preparing quotes for clients.
Dave Cohen, Creative Director, said: "Throughout the many years of licensing our music to production companies based on the MCPS licensing structure, so many companies were frustrated by the limitation that the 30 second unit system yielded. They found that when creating their programs, either they were bound by the quantity of music use forecast in their original quotations and hence could not deviate from this, or that client requests for extended use of music or changing project needs dramatically increased the project costs and/or ate into their profits.
"We found that companies wanted a more consistent fee that they could reliably build into their quotations, as well as a quicker, easier, more comprehensive licensing structure. We wanted to craft a system that addresses these needs without forcing production companies down the much less desired royalty free route. We hope and feel that this new system will do just that."
The new Broco Media music licensing system covers each track to unlimited duration per production, meaning that users can repeat and re-use any portion of the track, without additional cost implications. Licensing rates vary only according to the number of product units distributed, with three simplified brackets – under 1000, up to 50,000, and over 50,000, making it far simpler and quicker to process, and there are no yearly renewal fees. Production companies now deal direct with Broco Media to arrange licensing permissions providing greater cost benefit and faster turnaround.
Because all the music is written exclusively by Broco Media, each track can be customised to specification; so extra track length, alternate endings, or the removal of unwanted parts for example, can all be processed with direct creative control.
At present, the new system only applies to non-broadcast productions. However, depending on the success of the new system, all signs indicate that future developments may accommodate broadcast and advertising licensing also in such a capacity.
To launch this new system, Broco Media are offering a half price discount on music licenses for new clients.
For more information and to listen to Broco Media music please visit:

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