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Bectu to hold ballot on union recognition for crew working on 'The Bill'

According to Bectu, union officials are saying "'Ello 'Ello 'Ello" to the crew of the ITV show before a vote begins on union recognition.
It's all in aid of a campaign to win union recognition for the crew of 'The Bill' which began on June 13, and will run until the end of the month as Bectu make the case for recognition for crew working on the long-running police drama.
Ballot papers are curently being sent out to over 400 staff, contract and freelance workers, and the result is expected to be known on Friday July 15.
Bectu say that the ballot, made possible by recent legislation on union representation in workplaces, is the culmination of a long struggle for recognition going back several years. After protracted talks with the union, production company Freemantle, which makes The Bill, agreed to the recognition ballot, and the timetable.
Drop in sessions, formally called "access" meetings, have been arranged on-site for everyone due to participate in the ballot, where union officials are campaigning with a slogan of "Vote Yes for a Voice".
Bectu are appealing to anyone working on the show who wants to talk through the benefits of union recognition with a representatives should avail of the sessions, the last of which is set to be held on June 29.
Alternatively, the union team looking after the ballot can be contacted via e-mail at: [email protected] .

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