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Lightworks new NLE Audio Interface improves and speeds operation

Lightworks has announced that Touch M.E.(Mixer Enhancement), its compelling audio upgrade introduced at NAB in April, is now shipping.
Touch M.E., in combination with the Touch console, reinforces Lightworks' philosophy that the editor, not the machine is at the heart of the Lightworks NLE system. Touch M.E. will be shown at the Broadcast Production Show in London June 1-3 on the Gee Broadcast and Lightworks stand, along with the latest networked editing and production solutions.
"We've created a much more versatile, powerful and user-friendly audio environment for the editor," said Keith Gee of Lightworks. "M.E. is tactile - simplifying the audio mix by means of a physical mixer that you can touch and feel as opposed to a computer interface that requires repeated clicking and dragging of a mouse."
Touch M.E. responds to the demands of the professional editor with cutting edge precision audio capabilities. The Mackie Control Universal Surface offers full control of nine independent motorized sliders. Production time is drastically reduced through the ability to adjust up to 16 channels in real time.
Ultra-fast and touch-sensitive, Touch M.E. memorises the sound levels track-by-track on the fly, so that the mixer automation's flying faders replay the cut exactly as it was recorded. The control automatically follows the editor's focus, acting either on the timeline or on the audio mixer.
Editor Scott Hill recently finished cutting 'Monster-In-Law' on Lightworks and enthusiastically looks forward to the enhanced control offered through the M.E. software: "This is what will really set Lightworks apart from the competition," said Hill. "I typically need a device that will control at least eight tracks of audio individually so that I don't have to gang multiple tracks together on any single fader. Touch M.E. offers much greater control and allows you to easily mix on-the-fly when the director is in the room. It also writes info at the same time each fader is moved, remembering the way those tracks were mixed."

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