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Atomos Unveils New Features For Sumo19 Production Monitor Recorder

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Atomos has unveiled a host of new features for its Sumo 19 production monitor recorder at Cine Gear Expo in Las Vegas, 31 May - 03 June.

The release of AtomOS 9.1 for Sumo19 brings Quad ISO recording and on-screen selectable output switching, plus 5.7k ProRes RAW recording at up to 30fps with the Panasonic EVA1.

In addition, full display of 5.7k images on-screen, automatic HDR detection on playback and a redesigned user interface are on offer.

The same 5.7k ProRes RAW recording option will also be available as a free update for the Shogun Inferno 7" HDR monitor recorder in the coming days.

5.7k ProRes RAW recording with Panasonic EVA1
Users can shoot cinematic 5.7k ProRes RAW with the Panasonic EVA1 and Atomos Sumo19 production monitor/recorder. The new AtomOS 9.1 for Sumo19 allows the wide angle capture of sensor data from the EVA1 in 5.7k over 6G SDI to ProRes RAW.

5.7k capture takes full advantage of Panasonic's dual native ISO sensor for low light performance when shooting RAW. The EVA1 supports 5.7k frame rates of 23.98/24/25/29.97/30P, with the increased resolution allowing for perfect 5.7k or 4k final output.

Users can correct, adjust, scale or reframe images while maintaining efficient file sizes and simple workflow using Apple Final Cut Pro X. The resulting images are clean and can withstand heavy grading.

The Shogun Inferno and Sumo19 feature all the essential tools to guarantee HDR or SDR results when shooting ProRes RAW. The AtomHDR system can resolve a massive 10+ stops of dynamic range onscreen on either recorder. This, coupled with dedicated gamma presets for Panasonic RAW, give a pristine representation of a finished HDR image or the instant check of an SDR grade.

Even with the great dynamic range of the EVA1's sensor, optimising exposure gives the best results. AtomHDR and waveform tools allow users to set this exposure correctly, reducing noise in shadow areas, while at the same time protecting highlights.

Atomos also records metadata from the EVA1 that can be used by FCP X to automatically set image processing values. Another new feature added means that if AtomHDR is enabled during recording, then the correct HDR settings are now stored for playback on the device if the 'Auto HDR' button is selected.

HDR output to compatible monitors can be in either PQ (HDR10) or HLG standards.

In addition to 5.7k, the EVA1 with Shogun Inferno or Sumo19 can also record ProRes RAW, ProRes or Avid DNxHR up to 4kp60, or 2kp240. This offers great flexibility in frame rates. Windows users can opt for a CinemaDNG RAW workflow with recording up to 4kp30 or 2kp120.

Atomos CEO Jeromy Young said: "The Panasonic EVA1 with Atomos recorders means any production company, will have the ability to get into the higher-than-4k-resolution cinematic game. Apple's ProRes RAW, Panasonic's 5.7k dual native ISO sensor and Atomos advanced HDR recording and monitoring technologies truly give filmmakers all the tools they need to play at the highest levels. No other products can do what Atomos can with the EVA1 and ProRes RAW - they are a killer combination."

Sumo19 Quad ISO HD recording and switched output
The Sumo19 Quad ISO recording function streamlines the equipment required for multicamera shoots and live productions by combining multiple functions into the same box.

Users can now monitor up to four genlocked HD sources simultaneously and ISO record each as a separate Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD file to a single drive. Supported video signals are 1080p23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60 and 1080i50/59.94/60. All inputs must be the same framerate and resolution from each source.

Users can simply switch between these inputs via the touchscreen interface, selecting which one is sent to the Sumo19's SDI or HDMI output. This feed can then be separately recorded or live-streamed.

At any time users can choose to see a four-way split view of all sources on the Sumo19 screen at once, or select an individual source for full-screen monitoring. This allows rapid setup, focus checking and image assessment of each shot angle before or during a shoot.

Two-channel digital audio from each of the sources is recorded, plus a separate analogue stereo audio input from a mixer or sound desk can be recorded onto each of the files on channels three and four. The audio for the program out follows the video as it switches on channel 1/2, as well as outputting the analogue audio input.

The Quad ISO recording function of the Sumo19 currently requires all feeds to be synchronous. Genlock can be provided by a number of readily available sync generators.

Sumo19 user interface refined
The Sumo19 also incorporates some of the graphical user interface improvements first seen on the sister Sumo19M monitor only model. It now offers more direct access to monitoring features in all modes with dedicated on-screen buttons for easier access to key functions.

Automatic HDR configuration in playback
The Sumo19 can now automatically set HDR settings on playback to match those used when the footage was originally recorded with AtomHDR monitoring enabled. AutoHDR can be selected on playback to enable this.
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