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So, you're confused over the plethora of insurance covers available to you… You are not alone!

How did you become involved with the media and broadcast insurance sector?

With over 35 years' experience within the International Transport insurance sector, we had, over the past 5 to 6 years experienced an increase in the number of enquiries from companies connected to film and media requiring storage cover in various parts of the world. This led us to receiving increased enquiries from associated trades such as camera and sound operators.

What was your immediate thoughts after entering this market?

Shock! And further disbelief, as we became aware of the plethora of wordings and policy types being provided to this sector. Whilst there may have been a few insurance providers which impressed, we found the majority of policies to be cumbersome and difficult to understand. These policies would cause confusion to almost anyone outside of the insurance profession; and in fact, in a few instances, to some within it!

Can you expand on some of your findings?

Without going into too much detail here, we had seen a variety of policy types ranging from shop/office, working from home and business combined right through to marine cargo contracts with its 70 or 80 pages of cargo clauses. Any attempt to download this document without Wi-Fi would result in a call to your mobile supplier begging for a data top-up! In our view, and I stress, in our view, a policy not fit for this purpose.

You say a marine cargo policy "not fit for this purpose." Can you explain?

Whilst we are not here to create argument between brokers, we would stand firm and say that, in our view a marine cargo policy DOES NOT provide the correct cover for the majority of freelance camera and sound operators. A great choice if you are shipping kit or require temporary storage but in no circumstances adequate for kit used at the sharp end of the industry. The Institute Cargo Clauses (A) under 'Risks 1' clearly states 'all risks of loss or damage to the subject-matter insured', but it is essential that careful consideration is given to clauses 4, 5, 6, and 7. In many cases the addition of the 'Institute Malicious Damage clause' would re-instate cover for malicious damage under institute clauses (B) and (C) but it may be a good idea, for clarity, to ask for this clause to also refer to institute cargo clause (A). For example, exclusion 7.1 to 7.4 refer to riots, civil commotions, strikes, labour disturbances and 'persons acting from a political, ideological or religious motive' to name but a few – not great news if you are a freelance news cameraman earning your 'crust' on the frontline; buyer beware!

So, what's the future?

Keep it simple is the simple answer! Here at Cornish we took the conscious decision to throw away all which had gone before and build a new product from the 'bottom up'. It seemed obvious that the starting point would be to talk to the very people requiring the cover; the sound and camera operators working within the industry. Our products are under continual development so if you or your organisation are looking for a bespoke policy written by us, designed by you and underwritten by an 'AA' rated insure, call us or drop us an email.

What other facilities are you able to provide to the media industry?

We hold specialist liability facilities for both public and employer's liability cover; once again backed by an 'AA' rated UK insurer. We are able to accommodate both aerial and underwater work undertaken anywhere worldwide. Our underwater wording accommodates dives up to 50m and allows the use of re-breathers. Some of the world's most renowned and respected underwater camera operators choose us to handle their insurance requirements.

Whilst you or your organisation may be operating out of a base other than the UK, all that we ask is that you have a UK base and UK correspondence address for you to access our facilities.

We are sponsor members of the Guild of Television Cameramen and preferred insurers to Reel Angels, so whether you are looking for a bespoke built production policy, a freelance camera or sound operator looking to cover your property and liabilities, or simply looking for advice or assistance with regards to your existing covers please feel free to contact us.

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