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Edifis StingKey and Assembler to debut at Production Show

At the Production Show (Booth 130) in Olympia on May 21 – 22, Edifis will be exhibiting Edifis StingKey and Assembler.
Based on the proven Edifis Sting video server, StingKey combines affordability with the stability of a full-broadcast specification operating system, free from the crashes so often caused by software/hardware conflicts in third-party computer-based solutions. An integral dual-channel clip-based disk recorder holds up to 20 hours of uncompressed digital video and audio.
With traditional disk recording systems based on PCs , an operator can sometimes have a daunting task aligning the correct key and fills together with the correct timecodes. Sting allows this relationship to be adjusted anywhere along the timeline.
StingKey allows three-stage key and fill processing:
  • 1. Acquisition: where keys and fills with timecode are recorded into clips.
  • 2. Conform: where clips are joined together to form a superclip for continuous playback and where timecodes are adjusted.
  • 3. Playback: where the dual channels play keys and fills at the same time.

Plus all of the above and plays a background wipe transition to clip or live source. Normally, this would take up to four VTRs, Mixer, DVE etc. Edifis do it all in one system, for not much more than the price of a VTR.
Thoroughly tested in live operations over the past year, with Highflyer Productions (Channel 4 horse-racing) and Granada Studios, StingKey directly replaces standalone broadcast disk recorders and PC-based servers as well as reducing the need for many VTR-based tasks.
Making its first UK exhibition appearance, the Edifis Assembler is an auto-conforming and assemble-editing option for the Sting uncompressed dual-channel disk recorder. Cost-efficient and very fast, according to Edifis, Assembler allows edit-decision-list-based programme assembly to be achieved from any initial sequence order in much shorter than real-time. An EDL preview capability enables partial or full lists to be conformed. A graphical display, running on a standard PC, shows which events cannot be conformed - possibly due to not yet having been recorded. Existing material can be conformed and any missing items quickly inserted into the conform when they become available.
Assembler cuts costs by reducing the dependence upon VTRs. Amongst its many other tools are automated acquisition of material, real-time editing and versioning, de-spotting and Vari-speed capability for extreme motion effects. Being a true random access disk system, Assembler can re-order a loaded EDL of up to 1,000 events within seconds, including handles, and have this ready to deploy as a dual recorder/player in the edit session.
Existing Edifis Sting disk server systems can be easily upgraded to Assembler, allowing EDL files to be used directly to conform video material quickly, simply and efficiently.

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