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Axon's Synapse Fibre For NAB

The manufacturer of signal processing equipment, Axon, will introduce a Synapse fibre multiplexing and de-multiplexing solution at this year's NAB.
As a standard feature the Synapse modular range offers extensive fibre solutions where you can go directly from and to almost any processing module via an optional fibre module on the I/O-panel.
Recently Axon added the very high-density 3Gb/s 8 channel fibre transmitter (1310nM) GFT80+BFT80 and receiver GFR80+BFR80 providing up to 144 channels of fibre inputs/outputs in 4RU frame.
These options are now extended with the introduction of a wavelength multiplexing solution.
There are two transmitter options consisting of the 3Gb/s 8 channel fibre transmitter with fibres ranging from 1270nm to 1410nm (GFT80+BFT88) and a 3Gb/s 8 channel fibre transmitter with fibres ranging from 1470nm to 1610nm (GFT80+BFT89).
The modules have cross module input channel swapping for emergency and back-up purposes and full diagnostics for each fibre output properties and health.
Graphical diagnostics are available through Axon's Cortex free monitoring and control software.
To fully deploy the CDWM multiplexing and de-multiplexing within the Synapse product range you need the BFM88 and BFM89.
The BFM88 and BFM89 are passive optical multiplexing/de-multiplexing modules onto single mode fibres.
These modules allow you to multiplex or de-multiplex eight wavelengths onto or from one fibre with use of CDWM technology.
The BFM88 can handle eight wavelengths from 1270nm to 1410nm and the BFM89 from 1470nm to 1610nm.
An extra functionality added to these products is the option to extend the multiplex inputs/outputs.
This will give you the opportunity to cascade two combiners, mounted on Synapse mountable connector panels.
Peter Schut, from Axon, commented: "Cascading two I/O-panels enables users to mux/demux 16 channels onto one fibre, making it the world's most dense CWDM solution.
"The further development into fibre solutions marks our aim to continuously expand Synapse; Synapse, and as an effect Axon, is glue and beyond," he said.

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