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Scubacam Alexa/XT/SXT/LF/Amira/Alexa Mini RED EPIC/DSMC2 Underwater Housing
Scubacam Mk II underwater housing compatible with ARRI Alexa/XT/SXT/LF/ARRI Amira & RED EPIC cameras. Depth rated to 4m, the housing also features waterproof viewfinder, 24V power feed, remote lens c
15' Hydrascope
It's the ideal Crane for working on small sets. Level the post and raise the post 16.5" Over sling and under sling in seconds. Payload is 230lb. It can be mounted on regular Dolly Track wi
HDV underwater housing
Underwater housing for all compact HDV/DVCPROHD cameras. Up to 4 meters deep
RED One Underwater Housing
AquaVideo Pro RED One Underwater Housing available for hire. For more information, please visit: www.shootblue.tv
From £400 per day
Underwater Video Cameras for Hire
With UK wide UPS courier delivery we can supply our Underwater video cameras to you quickly and at affordable prices
Amphibico - Endeavor Underwater Housing For Canon XF 105/100
Built with a robust look and feel, this housing will have access to two electronic hand grips, access to full camera functions, hydrophone for clear sharp sound recording, top-mounted 3.5 standard di
Keldan Video 8M CRI Underwater Light
Very pow er ful, small and lightweight, 8'000 lu men LED video light with ex cel lent col or ren der ing Ex cel lent col or ren der ing in dex, typ. CRI 96 (Ra) 28-105 watt LED pow er 8'000