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Equipment news
PHABRIX Announces IBC2016 Lineup
PHABRIX will be demonstrating its new Qx technology in Hall 10, Stand B.12, at IBC 2016. The technology has been designed for compliance test and measurement of UHDTV1/4K and UHDTV2/8K formats. Unique to PHABRIX, the Qx has RTE – the company's trademarked 'real time eye' technology – which enabl ...
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8 Way 26 Pin Broadcast Audio Cable Tester with Amphenol Connectors
Key Features: Rapid check & fault diagnostics for 8 way, 26 pin, ‘Mil Spec’ Audio connector cables (including reverse phased) (i.e. cables with the standard Amphenol Connectors as used in the UK B
500.00 GBP
Video Test Pattern Generator
Video Test Pattern Generator Key Features: 1) Rapid fault diagnostics for transmitters, monitors & cables. 2) Test patterns for all popular analogue and digital formats 3) Easy naviga
TG8000 Multiformat Generator
Tektronix TG8000 (TG-8000) SD/HD/3G-SDI Multi Format Analog and Digital Test Signal Generator Mainframe The TG8000 is a precision multiformat analog and digital signal generation platform designed for
Tektronix DVG7
Tektronix DVG7 Digital Video generator module for TG700 Multi-Format Video Generator The Tektronix DVG7 module is a special upgrade option for the TG700 Multi-Format Video Generator. It updates a DVG7
Tektronix AGL7
Tektronix AGL7 analogue genlock module for TG700 Multi-Format Video Generator Add this module to a TG700 in order to be able to genlock to analogue video sources.
The TalkBox is an acoustic signal generator for speech intelligibility measurements in evacuation and announcement systems, as well as for level alignment of teleconference and other audio systems. It
DL1 Digilyzer
The Digilyzer DL1 is a powerful but easy to use digital audio analyzer. Testing, monitoring and troubleshooting digital audio interfaces is fast and straight forward using this compact tool. Virtually
DR2 Digirator
The Digirator DR2 is a reference grade digital audio signal generator with transformer balanced AES3, S/PDIF, TOS-Link and ADAT outputs. The generator offers a comprehensive set of audio test signals
XL2 Analyser
The XL2 analyzer forms the unique combination of a state-of-the-art Sound Level Meter, a comprehensive Acoustical Analyzer as well as a powerful Audio Analyzer. The wide range of functionalities are t
AL1 Acoustilyzer
The Acoustilyzer is a handheld sound level meter and acoustic analyzer for measuring and monitoring of sound pressure level at concerts, room acoustics and speech intelligibility STI-PA. The practical
Cineroid 3G Pattern Generator
Cineroid PG32e (PG-32e) 3G Pattern Generator Signal Converter and Video Display Cineroids PG32e is a test tool that combines a 3G pattern generator signal converter and video display in a simple handh
ML1 Minilyzer
The Minilyzer ML1 is a powerful audio analyzer in a palm-sized format. Its comprehensive set of easy to access measurement functions simplify the process of system verification, diagnostics and repair
4K HDMI Signal Generator
Marshall Electronics V-SG4K-HDI (VSG4KHDI) 4K HDMI Portable Signal Generator The V-SG4K-HDI is a compact portable and economical digital test generator thats a perfect choice for video engineers syste
The MiniSPL is the ideal accessory for the Acoustilyzer AL1 and Minilyzer ML1. Its self-powered design, the individual factory adjustment and the auto power-off control combine to make MiniSPL an accu
Cine Power Smart Cable
Cine Power Smart Cable Self-Contained In-Line Current and Voltmeter (p/n CPI SC) Smart Cable is a self-contained meter unit. It incorporpates two LCD meters for simultaneous display of voltage and cur
Minilink PC Interface
MiniLINK - the optional USB interface for the Minilyzer ML1 and Digilyzer DL1 puts the Exel Line into a new league of affordable measurement tools. MiniLINK is pre-installed in all Acoustilyzer AL1.
X-Rite I1 Filmmaker Calibration Kit
X-Rite XRIT259 (XRIT259) i1 Filmmaker monitor calibration and colour target kit - includes i1Display Pro and Colour Checker Passport Video Shoot for Ideal from Capture to Edit Created for discerning f
MR2 Minirator
Minirator MR2 is a powerful audio generator, offering a full range of useful analog test signals for calibration, maintenance and repair of professional audio equipment. The rotary settings wheel com
Tektronix WFM50F01
Tektronix WFM50F01 portable cabinet / transit case for the WFM5000 or WFM4000 This allows you to convert your WFM4000 or WFM5000 into a robust portable device for field use.
Tektronix Wfm601m SDI Measurement Scope With TSL Amut SDI / Analog Monitor Unit
Tektronix wfm601m SDI measurement scope with eye, jitter, measurement, waveform etc also included is a TSL amut-2MD audio monitor unit which monitors audio in SDI signal (embedded audio), AES audio a
Dawe Stroboflash 1200E Test Equipment For Measuring Rotation Speeds Of Machines
Dawe Stroboflash 1200E test equipment for measuring rotation speeds of machinesIt uses triggered neon flash tubes. The unit is self calibrating by means of a 50Hz and 60Hz vibrating reed. It has vario
Racal Dana 9301A Rf Millivoltmeter Trume Rms Test Equipment
Racal Dana 9301a rf millivoltmeter trume rms test equipment with 1 lead / probe See picture
Tektronix 1705A Spectrum Monitor And 1741A Waveform Vectorscope
Tektronix 1705a spectrum monitor and 1741a waveform vectorscope NOTE the 1705a will require repair / service and sometimes loses focus etc sold as shown with no warranty
Tektronix SDI Waveform 601M Measurement Scope With Eye And Jitter And TSL Audio Monitorinig
Tektronix SDI waveform 601M measurement scope with eye and jitter and TSL audio monitorinig unit in 1 rack unit together 2x SDI inputs for scope, waveform, vector, measurement, eye, jitter etc TSL
X-Rite MSCCVPR (MS-CCVPR) Colour Checker Video Calibration Tool
X-Rite MSCCVPR (MS-CCVPR) Colour Checker Video Calibration Tool The ColourChecker Video will get you to a worry-free colour balanced and consistently neutral place with ideal camera exposure faster th
Mini Test Rack
This Mini Test Rack, also know as a Lab Rack, is available in three heights. Supplied flat packed, the vertical legs can be fitted in either the front or the middle of the base as required. The racks
Rotolight RL-SCOPE
Rotolight (RL-SCOPE) Spectrascope lighting spectrum analysis tool including leather pouch and keyring Complete with a leather pouch and keyring the Rotolight Spectrascope will allow you to analyse any
MR-PRO Minirator
The MR-PRO is the professional analog audio generator providing a wide range of test signals, like sine, pink noise, white noise and many more. Proprietary user wave forms may be loaded via USB into t
Zeiss Star Test Chart
Zeiss (1849-755) Siemens Star Test Chart for Accurate Focus Settings (DIN A3 Laminated) The Zeiss Siemens Star Test Chart is a professional lens chart that has been used for decades to set the back fo
Ex-Demo Tektronix WFM-8300 Advanced 3G-SDI Monitoring With 4K Support
Please note this is a Ex-Demo Tektronix WFM-8300 Advanced 3G-SDI Monitoring with 4K Support. ES Broadcast carefully tests all used equipment prior to sale and offers a three-month warranty. Images sho
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Tektronix WFM-5200 3G/HD/SD Waveform Monitor
WFM5000 Series Waveform Monitor WFM-5200 | Standard for basic video and audio monitoring Tektronix WFM-5200 is a basic yet efficient portable waveform monitor for adjusting and balancing cameras in br
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Tektronix WFM-8200 Advanced 3G-SDI Monitoring With 4K Support
Tektronix WFM-8200 comes as standard with HD/SD-SDI or Dual Link video monitoring. Users can easily upgrade WFM-8200 to monitor 3G-SDI , composite analogue video and 4K/UHD video. Optional audio upgr
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Tektronix WFM-8300 Advanced 3G-SDI Monitoring With 4K Support
Tektronix WFM-8300 comes as standard with HD/SD-SDI or Dual Link video monitoring. Users can easily upgrade WFM-8300 to monitor 3G-SDI , composite analogue video and 4K/UHD video. Tektronix WFM-8300
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