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Dennis Diners SLV

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Dennis Diners SLV
01386 833733
01386 833798
Kate Dennis (Partner)
Unit 14, Honeybourne Airfield,
Weston Road Honeybourne ,
UK ,
WR11 5QF,

About Dennis Diners SLV

By bringing in professional costume and make-up designers from the industry, by listening to their advice and benefiting from their experience, SLV has been able to set new standards in the supply of location facilities.
SLV vehicles are completely self-contained, purpose-built, matching units. Luxurious, spacious, immaculately presented and maintained, each is appointed to as near studio standard as possible.

Each unit is highly manoeuvrable and can set up and derigged in the minimum amount of time. They make efficient use of space, and as there is no towing vehicle, location changes can be made quickly and easily.

To add to the services, SLV drivers are always helpful, good-humoured and adaptable and should the need arise, have the experience and authority to make on-the-spot decisions.

When it comes to buying the very best in location facilities talk to SLV.
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