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Fitzrovia Post Ltd
020 72093474
Milly, Lucy or Rob
33 Gresse Street,
W1T 1QU,
England UK

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ADR, Audio Special effects, Dialogue Editing, Editing (Sound), Encoding, Foley Editing, Foley Effects, Foley Performer, Foley Recording, Library (Music), Library (Sound), Music Editing, Music Mixing, Music Recording, Re Recording, Sound Design, Sound Dubbing (Broadcast), Sound Dubbing (Film), Sound Effects Editing, Soundtracks, Spot effects, Track laying, Training, Voice Recording

Broadcast, Corporate

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Audio only, small but with a fantastic credit list. Always a warm welcome and one of the most efficient facilities around!

Animation, drama, corporate, documentary and comedy.

We keep it all in house and work as a team. We just love what we do!

We are: Rob Butler-Biggs, Jane Butler-Biggs, Scott Wilkinson, Simon Couzens, James O'Brien, Robert Newman, Lucy Considine, Tansy Butler-Biggs & Milly Upton

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