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Tony Scott (Managing Director)
13 Colville Road,
South Acton Industrial Estate,
Acton London,
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About Film & Photo Ltd

We are a 'One-Stop Laboratory' for motion picture film printing and processing services situated in West London in the UK.

Film & Photo Ltd is Europe's premier 35/16mm Colour Reversal Printing and Processing Laboratory. No other laboratory in Europe provides such a full range of services involving Black & White, Colour Positive and Colour Reversal film, Film to Film, Tape to Film and Film to Tape transfer. We print and process many other types of motion picture film and are a Kodak UK accredited processing laboratory.

The attitude at Film & Photo is that we have the technical skills and expertise to tackle any job.

We can:
  • Develop & Print Black & White, Colour Negative or Colour Reversal motion picture film from super8 up to super35mm
  • Contact, Blow-up or Reduction print film from any gauge up to super35mm to any aspect ratio
  • Produce Duplicates of any of the above
  • Aspect ratios can be changed e.g. from Vista Vision to 35mm
  • Transfer all film gauges to Telecine
  • Produce Optical / Slash Optical prints
  • Provide rushes service for Telecine
  • Transfer from MiniDV, BetaSP or DigiBeta to 16 or 35mm
  • Produce One Light Telecine (Mute Only)
  • Transfer or Print shrunken and Nitrate film using specialised printers
  • Make sound negatives
  • Stretch or Compress shots with extend or skip frame printing.
  • Offer friendly and informed advice on your project

Camera Reversal Processing: Film & Photo is now the only lab in the UK processing 35/16mm camera colour reversal stock. For this service, we liaise closely with film-makers to ensure that we provide the service they expect with the result they hope to achieve. We are usually able to provide an overnight turnaround.

Colour Reversal Duping: Editors leave their master print or cutting copy for us to collect when they have finished for the day. We collect it, make the required copies and have both the original print and copies waiting for them when they come into work the next day. It's that simple - for them! For Film & Photo it means having highly skilled operatives working throughout the night on the best equipment available to ensure there are no hitches.

Film preservation:
Film & Photo is highly acclaimed in Europe for the work it does on the preservation and conservation of Nitrate film. Films restored by us are regularly shown at festivals such as the Pordonone Silent Film Festival in Italy, and used extensively in Television and film documentaries.

Film & Photo is active along with a number of respected film archives in transferring the images from these rotting films onto safety film and tape, thereby preserving them, hopefully for ever.

Film is the preferred medium of many cinematographers, post production professionals, film schools and scientists. Even with major advances in digital technology, motion picture film still provides superior resolution, tonal and exposure range when compared to digitally produced pictures, and it looks better on the big screen - you can tell if a movie is projected digitally, but film looks real!

Increasingly, film schools are realising that while digital media might allow a fast track to film production, students are missing out on vital areas of understanding and experience in the film making process, and they are returning to motion picture film as the medium of choice.

We offer a wide range of Post Production Services to the Feature Film and Advertising industry, Archive Preservation Expertise, Colour and B/W processing for Student and Individual Clients and much more...
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