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Test and measurement manufacturer Electronic Visuals (EV) have introduced the EV4181-HD multi-format waveform/vector monitor, the latest offering in a long pedigree of test and measuring products.

Like all EV signal monitors to date, the EV4181-HD offers a practical and cost effective solution, with reliability and ease of operation being major design considerations and using a traditional CRT for real time display.

The EV4181-HD is a true virtuoso performer when it comes to monitoring in a mixed signal environment. Operating in HD and SD, in digital and analogue while providing not only RGB output for monitoring, but also two sets of decoded YUV outputs from the selected SDI input, one set for HD and one for SD. There is also an HDMI output option.

The 16 character dot matrix display on the front panel provides not only the input format information such as: 1080i/50Hz or 720p/60Hz but also indicates the line number when the line select function is in use.

In recent years sophisticated signal processing measurement systems (bit analysers) have become ever more complicated in their operation. This has lead to a large resurgence in the traditional style of television waveform monitoring, due in part to their consistent and reliable measurement performance and characteristics.

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