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About Tannoy

The word Tannoy is synonymous with sound, appearing in the dictionary as: 'a communications system with loudspeakers, used for making announcements in public buildings.' The phrase 'Over the Tannoy' is universally used to describe a PA announcement. Tannoy is one of the oldest and most prestigious audio brands in the world.

Today, Tannoy is the brand name that can be found on many prestigious sound installations throughout the world. Examples include the Hong Kong Convention Centre, the Sydney Opera House, the London Palladium theatre, Coca Cola Headquarters in Atlanta and the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas to name but just a few. The company’s Scottish headquarters are located in Coatbridge, near Glasgow.

As one of the oldest established loudspeaker companies in the world, we know a thing or two about studio monitor design. In fact, we pioneered the use of compact systems in this field with the acclaimed Super Red Monitor back in the 1970s.

The original Reveal monitor was renowned for its rigid cabinet and substantial baffle. The new models have cabinets that have been further braced and refined, providing the most rigid platform possible for the new driver designs. Securely attached to the solid baffle, with no less than 10 hex socket countersunk-head screws, an all-new bass driver performs with significantly reduced distortion.
The new Precision range combines the latest Tannoy Dual Concentric™ driver and WideBand™ Technology to deliver near field monitoring speaker designs that set fresh standards of acoustic performance and accuracy.
Following the success of the Active and iDP versions of the Ellipse studio monitor, Tannoy is proud to introduce the new Ellipse Passive range. The Ellipse Passive range comprises of the Ellipse 8 Passive, featuring an 8 Dual Concentric™ driver and the Ellipse 10 Passive, with a 10 Dual Concentric™ driver. On both models, the Dual Concentric™ components and the SuperTweeter™ are seamlessly matched by a precision low-loss crossover network.
Precision iDP™
Precision iDP™ is a stunningly versatile intelligent active monitoring system, combining the unique Tannoy Dual Concentric™ drive unit and WideBand™ technology with the latest cutting edge digital processing to create monitors that provide the professional user with complete control over the entire monitoring operation.
Ellipse iDP™
Ellipse iDP™ studio monitors provide the professional user with complete control over the entire monitoring operation. Preset storage / recall and total acoustic alignment flexibility are all executed with ultimate precision via remote control. iDP™ technology also allows the user to control parameters in 'real time’ - such as bass management, global level, recall of different preset setting, solo / mute functions etc.
Tannoy’s range of active subwoofers, designed for studio monitoring and playback of multi channel recordings, offer incredibly designs with powerful and punchy dynamic bass performance.

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