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About LBPR - Press, Copywriting and Content

Hi, I’m Lee Baldock, the guy behind LBPR. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in the live entertainment production industry since 1994 - as a journalist, editor and public relations agent.
Launched in 2022, LBPR aims to bring together the experience and skills I’ve developed over the years and use them to offer useful and valuable additions to your business - whether you work in entertainment production or beyond.

Press relations, content creation, campaign design, copywriting, communications, branding, research and proofing are all areas I’d be happy to help you with.

Press Releases
What do you do best?

When you do something well, you want the market to know. Having news of your achievements in the industry’s press and web news channels, and sharing them via social media, goes a long way towards building and maintaining your market presence. We can help you to do this in a timely, well-presented, and professional manner.

Case Studies
Show yourself off . . .

You want potential new customers to know how good you are at what you do. If your website is your shop window, then the projects you’re proud of should be very visibly on display.

Curious visitors - potential customers - looking to you for products or services will expect to see a variety of examples which clearly demonstrate your expertise and reliability. Let LBPR create those case studies in engaging, well-written, SEO-aware copy that gets straight to the point of highlighting your strengths, and gives those curious eyes a reason to stay.

The multi-channel toolkits . . .

If you’re proud of a project, you’ll want to make the most of it. The story of that success should be seen on news channels, on your own website, in your customer comms, and posted on your social media channels.

Getting the story is one thing - drawing the audience is another. As anyone who has engaged with Social Media from a business perspective knows, it’s a time- and resource-consuming process.

Our StoryPack offer is designed to help you with all of this, quickly and efficiently. It delivers a story in brief for distribution to the news channels, plus a longer, more detailed version to serve as exclusive, unique content for your website.

Make your customers belong

It’s often said that the live entertainment production business is all about people. Without those proven, reliable relationships it all falls over – and the show simply does not go on. It’s a personable business, and it’s those trusted connections that make the world go round - and its curtains continue to rise on time.

Good copywriting is essential for the effective communication of ideas. Done badly, it can turn people away from the very thing you want them to engage with.

It pays to get it right . . .

First impressions count. If a visitor arrives at your website looking for a product or service and the first thing they see is a bad spelling or grammatical mistake, they might just go to a competitor with better attention to detail - and you’ve lost a strong prospect.

I’ve spent more than 25 years looking for and correcting others’ writing mistakes. I’ve developed a good eye for it. I’m not a professor of grammar or a language snob – I just think that presenting your communications properly is a key part of respectful and effective business. If new prospects are to take you seriously, they’ll need to see that you pay attention to the small things.

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