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About Film SFX

FilmSFX - SFX Services for Film, TV, Theatre & Events
Welcome to FilmSFX, one of the leading SFX Service Providers & creators in the UK for Film, TV, Theatre & Events.

Bases in Surrey and Yorkshire, we are conveniently located to major film studios and popular filming locations around the UK.

  • Explosions & Crashes
    Our experienced Pyro SFX team can provide a wealth of highly impactful special effect from actor immersive to large fire-ball explosions and our safe driverless car crashes and flips.

  • Atmos & Weather
    We can create all sorts of weather and atmos, from studio haze to a forest full of fog, with up to 70mph wind, with rain or snow, plus steam, vapour and Co2 Effects.

  • Fire & Smoke Effects
    Specialists in creating fire effects from a fire-pit to a burning car or building. We create our own flame bars and fuel based controllable fires.

  • Hits & Blood Effects
    Hits for blood & debris, strafes, large area Blood Splats, actor wound simulation... always provided safely and with incredible realism.

With over 30 years in the industry, our experienced crews, supervised by Keith Harding - SFX Supervisor - includes Pyrotechnic Technicians (explosions, squibs, smoke), Fire (Flames & Smoke), Atmospherics (Rain, Fog, Fog-Tunnels, Snow, Wind), practical prop builders and much more, offering some of the most experienced and competitive on-set/location SFX services available.

"Clients repeatedly say we have some of the fastest setups and re-sets in the business"... This doesn't happen by accident... we not only plan and consult with the clients to design the special effects within the budget required, but we are always exceptionally well-rehearsed and experienced with all the effects, services and equipment that we provide.

Our crew are insured and hold the necessary experience, licences, approvals, or qualifications for the range of SFX services provided. Full risk assessments and our high levels of experience, mean that you get a flexible and professional service for designing and implementing the effects you require... and all at the most competitive rates in the industry.

BloodyStuff Film Props and Practical Effects
As part of BloodyStuff Ltd Film Props & Effects, one of the UK's premiere suppliers and manufacturers of film props and practical effects, we can create custom practical effects including BreakableFX Furniture/Practical Props/Stunt-safe Props/Blood & Surgical Props, as well as our comprehensive ranges of Stunt Props, Weapons, Blood-effects, HD Soft-glass, Blood Pools and a wide range of other practical effects and props from our extensive hire stock or custom-built for you in our York Workshop.

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