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Rammy Anwar
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About G6 MoCo

Are you after that one-of-a-kind perfect shot? That’s what visual engineering is all about.

Automation is the way to go! We apply all sorts of technologies to the filmmaking industry and we engineer that one-of-a-kind shot. No more happy accidents! We make it happen, over and over again with split-second precision.

Let’s give you an example...

The demand for this service mainly comes from the high-end commercial market where it’s ok to be spending hours just to dress a burger for that mouth-watering product shot, but what if that one delicious looking burger needs to be dropped on a flaming hot grill while triggering a burst of flames all at 1000fps?

Visual engineering allows for us to replicate the exact same timing & movements to ensure both the burger and flames will be precision perfect every single time! Should you wish to change the shot, it would probably only take a few clicks on our proprietary software.

Our Visual engineering services include Pneumatics, 12v, and 230v bespoke circuits, custom lighting, CNC fabrication, all done 100% in-house.

  • Motion Control
  • Tracking Vehicle
  • Visual Engineering
  • Virtual Production
  • Studio Space
  • DIT Station
  • Custom Fabrication

It only gets better!
G6MoCo has now evolved and expanded its horizons. How? Not only have we acquired our very own Tracking Vehicle, capable of capturing that super awesome high-speed car chase sequence we all lust for, but we are moving into the world of Virtual Production.

That's correct, Green screens may become a thing of the past! Shows such as ‘The Mandalorian’ use virtual screens to display real-life backgrounds/surroundings encapsulating the subject or product.

This new age of filmmaking allows us to be anywhere and everywhere with the click of a button. And we have one right here at the G6 studio! With a little fine-tuning we have programmed these screens to work with our cine-robots, allowing us to react with displayed backgrounds in real-time.

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