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Annika Lidne

About Dramatify

Dramatify offers smart, digital production management flows for drama, entertainment, music, galas, factuals & documentaries, commercials & corporate video.

With three different script formats that integrate with all other features, we offer a comprehensive feature set that suits productions both large and small, from features and mini-series to telenovelas and talkshows with thousands of episodes.

Drama production

Produce drama, features, series and telenovelas efficiently – collaborate online with modern, unique features.
Dramatify’s online drama production software offers smart standard features like screenwriting, breakdown and scheduling but also mind-blowing new – nearly automatic – functionality like catering & food management, time sheets and daily production reports that save hours on set every day!

With increasing competition and squeezed budgets, smart producers know that the old production methods are simply too slow and costly.
Dramatify gives you and your cast and crew drama production software online: A modern collaboration platform specifically developed to support the demands of modern drama production.

Dramatify supports the production process from script via breakdown, planning and scheduling, to shooting and reporting.

TV Entertainment production

Efficient TV entertainment production with cloud software
Scriptwriter view + Rundown + CuePilot import + Show mode + Integrated Cue Cards + Teleprompter export + Studio QR code access + More!

Dramatify is TV entertainment production software in the cloud – with the smartest multi-camera rundown scripts for live and studio productions. We’ll save you hours every day in pre-production, on set and on-air!

TV entertainment productions must run smoothly. And fast. That’s why professionals – together with Dramatify – have developed the best TV entertainment production software for shows, galas, music and talent shows and other entertainment programs.
You and your cast and crew get a digital collaboration platform specifically developed to support the demands of modern TV entertainment production.

You can use parts of the platform for smaller entertainment productions, or all of it for large, demanding productions. You can do one-off galas or daily shows. It’s that flexible!

Talkshow production

Talk show production – produce smarter, integrated & paperless!
With a daily or weekly talkshow, you don’t have time to spare. Increase speed and efficiency with a smart production platform with everything from messaging to teleprompter exports! With the world’s smartest multi-camera rundowns for live and studio productions, we make sure you are always on time on-air.

Even if you use iNews, it’s not always ideal for talk shows or current affairs. Dramatify adds more functionality to maximise the support for your production team so they can focus on delivering outstanding content! And if your team works with contributors not always on-site, you will truly experience the capabilities a smart, digital collaboration platform specifically developed to support the demands of modern studio productions.