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Deborah Skeldon

About Big Sound PR Ltd

At Big Sound PR we understand that you need to be famous. We enable you to achieve your success by generating positive media exposure that builds your reputation and credibility and attracts new customers to grow your business.

Combining our experience with a friendly, tailored and personal approach, every piece of communication we produce builds your brand, makes sure your message is heard above the rest and connects directly with your audience.

Big Sound PR services have a proven track record for consistent results in generating a mass amount of interest, buzz, news, etc., on behalf of its clients.

We work across the entertainment industry supporting individuals and businesses in music, broadcast and post-production.

Our core services include:
  • Marketing Strategy
  • PR
  • Copy Writing
  • Social Media
  • Website Design and search Optimization
  • Branding

Big Sound PR is owned by Deborah Skeldon. Deborah grew up in the audio industry and was often in and out of recording studios with her father, studio design pioneer, Eddie Veale. Seeing how bands and musicians harness the power of the media to raise their profile and aid their success struck a chord with Deborah and her creating Big Sound PR was inevitable.

Deborah has a great working relationship with Industry journals and represents both companies and individuals. Deborah’s passion for PR combined with industry knowledge and an innate ability to sniff out a good story makes her the go to person for PR.

Clients include:
  • VA
  • Sonic Cuisine
  • Bang Post Production
  • Unity Audio Ltd
  • Rimshot Recording Studio
  • The Park Studios
  • IPE
  • Analogue Tube
  • Analogue Baby
  • Wes Maebe
  • Laurent Dupuy
  • David Hamilton Smith
  • Ian Sands
  • Nuno Fernandes
  • Tobin Jones
  • Mike Thorne
  • Ariosto Arata

“When our team needed to bring someone aboard our project who could offer keen insight and assistance in all aspects of our media campaign, Debs was the best one to call. As a result of her vast experience, the magnitude of her positive contributions to help us reach our goals can not be understated. She is among the best of the best of the best.”
Scott Cardinal & Company (The Campfire Network)

“Sometimes you need a bit of support and encouragement plus a professional and experienced approach to getting noticed, and with Deborah’s warm, intelligent and enthusiastic wisdom I know that I’ve got a fantastic ally.”
Martin Lumsden Owner of Cream Room Productions

“Debs, you really do a particularly great job in a wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable manner”
Francesca Smith – APRS

“Deborah has a genuine passion for what she does and a genuine desire to achieve the goals and aspirations of Big Sound PR’s clients. That passion for excellence can be seen the very first time that you meet her. If you are looking to hire a person to look after your public relations, you really will not find a better person and company to deliver.”
John Kettley – Sales Masters Guild

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