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About The Slow Motion Camera Company

The Slow Motion Camera Company develops leading edge high frame rate / slow motion cameras. Low cost, high performance, long record times.

The Revolution is Here
The fps1000/2000/4000 range uses advanced memory and a unique architecture to bring you a small, compact high speed camera with very long record times. The family incorporates a highly modular design to provide a range of resolutions and frame rates to suit all requirements efficiently and at an unprecedented price point.

Frame rates are 1,000 to 30,000 fps depending on resolution.

Data rates of up to 40 Gbits/second into the built in video memory provide the performance required for constant, uncompressed frame rates.

Large Memory, Long Record Time
The fps1000/2000/4000 has an incredible 256-1,280GBytes of internal memory as standard depending on the model. This is enough for tens of seconds of full speed image capture. You no longer have to carefully plan each shot and set up triggers to capture the crucial few seconds. This is point and shoot adding a huge range of new opportunities.

The memory is also non-volatile so you can save the images in camera for as long as you want even with the power off.

Small, Light, Portable
The fps1000/2000/4000 is small and light enough to be handheld. It does not need a host computer to operate. You can live preview, record and playback all using the built in 5 inch LCD touch screen.

Internal batteries power the camera for typically 1-2 hours. This is the most portable high frame rate camera in its class.

Highest Quality Raw Files
All videos from the fps1000 are saved as raw files in industry standard DNG format. Read them into your favourite post processing application such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. Software is supplied for converting files into jpg format.

Raw files retain all of the original image data in 10 bit colour depth so you retain maximum quality and easily colour correct and grade in post.

Fast USB3 image download
A high speed USB3 interface provides fast download times of images onto a host computer after the shoot. Software is provided for image preview and conversion to jpg during save. Images are saved in full slow motion plus a fast preview mode.

Built in SSD storage
The internal memory is partitioned into a 40 second real time full frame rate buffer plus a 2 minute backup storage. This allows 40 second clips to be cut and saved to the backup memory in camera allowing 2 minutes of high speed clips to be saved before offloading to a computer. This allows maximum availability during a shoot. Saving to backup memory is instant.


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