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About Scribe PR

We are a technical public relations agency with a keen focus on high quality content creation. We live and breathe creativity. And we are committed to meeting your company’s needs.

A straightforward and yet refreshingly different approach to public relations for technology companies and organisations of many different types and sizes.

Delivering powerful media relations and marketing communications solutions. To get you results.

The value of a good wordsmith
Good copywriting and content creation is a valuable service. When combined with an ability to understand the products, services and technology that you work with, it takes on a whole new dimension. Add to this the ability to work within the broadest range of teams and organisations at every level - from the research and development laboratory to the boardroom - and Scribe offers a compelling proposition.

Online Marketing
What does your website say about your company? A company’s website provides the opportunity to present the organisation as forward-thinking and a thought leader. To do this in today’s climate, sites need regular reviews to bring them fully up to date with current developments in internet-based communications.

The site needs video and audio integration; it needs to emphasise the core values of leadership (which amount to a call to action to become a member). There should be opportunities for people to subscribe to news and events via RSS – which lets readers keep fully up to date and abreast of the work that the company is undertaking at any point in time.

Press relations
Get your message across to the journalists. Journalists are incredibly important to a company or organisation. If you have good relationships with journalists, your company's profile will benefit significantly.

Scribe has a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating copy for media relations activity. Whether it's trade, technical, business or consumer publications, Scribe works with a broad diversity of publications throughout Europe and the US on a day to day basis.

White Paper creation
Your research and development engineers are amongst the brightest people within your team. Despite their considerable intellect, it is often the case that they struggle to communicate effectively in language that is understood by laymen and women.

For many of our clients, we work closely with their development engineers, helping them to write White Papers and technical presentations based on their work. Also, sometimes we take that technical information and help the company create a range of brochures and other marketing communications that promote the features and benefits offered by these technological advances.

Sales & marketing material
Something as basic as a well-written introductory letter can help your sales team open doors in organisations, reinforce reputations and brand values and build respect during those important early days of a customer relationship.

Brochures can be very impressive. They can also be very costly. How many times have you seen a very impressively designed and produced company brochure which, when you read it, appears to be confusing or just badly written.

International company support
Fine tuning the message sharpens the image that English is the international language of business. The way you communicate a message - the language, the tone of voice, the sentence structure you use - is so important. At Scribe, we work with a range of companies for whom English is not their first language. From Austria to the Netherlands, Germany and France, we help companies refine their communications and sharpen their message.

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