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Secret Forest TV Movie Location

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Secret Forest TV Movie Location
Elaine Morman
Stock Wood Scowles,
The Rocks Clearwell,
Gl16 8JR

About Secret Forest TV Movie Location

Welcome to the: Secret Forest TV Movie Location

Why Choose our Location for your TV or Film?
The Secret Forest will make a great location for both film and TV and we would like people to use our truly fantastic location.

In Summary:
  • Beautiful, natural forest environment with crazy tree roots climbing over statuesque limestone rock
  • Lots of different aspects for different themes within the ‘scowles’ (outdoor natural ‘rooms’)
  • Tolkien and JK Rowling gained their inspiration from here
  • Perfect for period historic dramas like Far From the Madding Crowd, fantastical movies like The Huntsman or natural history documentaries.
  • Cave and mine entrance features and recreated stone age roundhouses.
  • Plenty of space for support vehicles
  • Good local staff with discreet attitude

An Ancient and Original Setting
Step into an ancient and primordial forest, a fairy tale world, complete with magnificent yews, gnarled with age, enchanting glades, and homesteads from man’s prehistory. The Secret Forest is a truly unique location because of its untouched natural space.

Situated on the border of Wales, the Secret Forest is ideal for fantasy epics, adventure, historical and period dramas and natural history documentaries. We featured as a cameo in The Huntsman: Winter’s War and although this was a major film with all the facilities demands, we were able to accommodate them and this has interested us in more filming of any genre so that we can invest in the future of the site as a natural, historical and literary education resource.

If you ever tried to imagine where Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings would be set in the real world, the Secret Forest is the place, because this is where JRR Tolkien and JK Rowling gained their inspiration from. It is easy to see why – the forest carries an air of mystery and intrigue, with settings and scenery perfect for a director’s grand vision:

Natural and Historical Features
The forest looks wild and almost untouched, but the history of human activity goes back to the Stone Age. Here, in unique shallow recessions in the terrain known as scowles, iron was mined long before the Romans arrived in Britain.

The forest contains a mix of tree canopies – from dark and dense, to dappled light and full sunlight. The ancient mining activities also left visible beautiful rock formations. And below your feet are natural limestone caves and man-made tunnels, including a cavern that can hold over 500 people.

A circular path through the forest leads to a recreated Iron Age village, with three large Celtic roundhouses – complete with turf and thatched roofs and a stockade surrounding the village.

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