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About Dexter Media (Bringing Broadcast to Business)

Sky, BBC and ITV camera crews, reporters and producers making complete videos or organising and conducting individual shoots. Whether you are after a Video News Report with the highest editorial standards, glossy product video or an aerial drone shoot, Dexter Media’s people are top industry professionals. Like most companies out there, we’ll happily claim to be creative, but we also put huge emphasis on preparation and attention to detail.

Camera crews: Our nationwide network of 20 camera crews work regularly for the major broadcasters. They are some of the best cameramen and women in the country. That is why Sky, the BBC and ITV use them.

Reporters: All our reporters have worked in TV for years. Many of them started as newspaper reporters before moving into broadcast journalism. Our editorial standards are high and we know how to convey a story.

Producers: Producing great material is about attention to detail, getting the preparation right, clear thinking and surrounding yourself with good people. We aim to tick all those boxes.

Script writing: We’ve been writing voice-overs for the regional and national broadcasters for decades. If you know anything about the process, you will know it’s a precise art and a niche skill.

Interviews: The art of conducting an effective interview is often under-valued. It’s not just about asking the right questions, but how to pitch them in such a way as to tease the best answers from the interviewee.

It’s about putting interviewees at ease so they can express themselves. And if our reporters are experts at asking the questions, our camera crews excel at framing, lighting and getting the audio spot on.


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