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About Stream Circle Linear TV broadcasting

We are a group of professional TV technicians, who have been in business for more than 20 years. That’s long enough to understand how to make TV broadcasting simple and understandable for all.

That’s why we created Stream Circle. It’s a cloud product which behaves as a modern tool. Turn it ON and start broadcasting your own TV channel like a professional and turn it OFF when you feel the show is over. No wires, no technical staff, no hidden strings attached.

Broadcasting should stay accessible. Thanks to accessible and affordable high computing power, we are able to replace expensive and complicated technology with a unique code. With the Stream Circle solution, we are able to give old broadcasters, as well as new players, the ability to quickly expand their broadcasting capabilities in a user friendly manner.

Stream Circle has all the technical knowledge, equipment, staff and expertise to create a TV channel equivalent to the big programmes. All you need to do is give us your content and we will transform it into a professionally looking TV stream. You decide if you want to broadcast it online or on air. We will be here to assist along the way. It’s very simple and easy, exactly like all products should be.

  • Easy end-user control with optimised environment for daily operations from any location, from any device. Changes, updates, programme control; anything is just a few clicks away.

  • Customise your TV channels! Charming graphics, logos and captions, automatic layouts, social media casting; everything is possible with Stream Circle. And of course, UHD / 4K ready.

  • Complete cloud TV playout with graphics and DVE with no hidden costs. Afraid of huge investments in hardware and infrastructure? There’s no need for that with Stream Circle.

  • Stream Circle is brought to you by a young professional team with a hundred years of collective experience. Developed by professionals for professionals, it’s easy yet powerful with no code overhead.

Ideal for anyone
We have an ideal solution for a wide range of consumer segments.

  • Broadcasters
    Are you a broadcaster looking for playout to broadcast your channels? We have flexible channel playout with powerful real-time graphics and DVE functionality. It is scalable and cost effective, because of cloud nature of the product. No need to invest into expensive hardware, Stream Circle is a service that easily connects your Traffic and Ad systems, MaM and distribution.

  • Digital media houses
    Your publishing house is already strong in the online environment and your next ambition is to become a broadcaster? You can expand your media space with linear channels including real-time graphics bound to information straight from your CMS.

  • B2C professional services
    Does communication of your business need some fresh air? How about starting your own TV channel with both awareness and revenue positive effect? Contact us and start addressing your clients and partners with Stream Circle.

  • Corporations
    Need a new effective solution for your internal communication? How about addressing your employees with your own corporate TV channel? Stream Circle is just a perfect tool for that.

  • Primary content owners
    You own and produce a lot of video content but are still looking for ways to distribute it? There’s no need for that anymore. With Stream Circle, you can easily create an unlimited number of dedicated channels and start monetising everything you’ve created.

  • Public organisations
    You need to raise awareness about your organisation’s mission or change public opinion using video content? There’s hardly a better way than your own TV channel with Stream Circle. Easy to implement, powerful to make everybody notice what you want to say…

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