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Dead Walk 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality

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Dead Walk 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality

About Dead Walk 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality

Based in Dorset, Dead Walk Designs produce creative inputs for commercial and domestic requirements, providing incredible features for any imagination. From concept to project completion, we can provide a bespoke service to meet your creative needs, be it design, models & props or full set builds, we work to briefs of any scale.

3D & CGI Design
As part of our design package, particularly with sets, scenery and themed displays, it can be useful to create a computer generated model, which is built to real-scale using any available information and measurements from CAD drawings or a onsite survey. These models help us to understand the overall concept and discover, at an early stage, which content will work for the space.

Once a model is built we can provide rendered images from all angles, it is then a simple process to make any required changes to the design (eg. Colours, scale etc), rather than having to go back to the drawing board, as with an illustration.

Virtual Reality
We are currently working with our clients to develop VR elements to our 3D design packages, allowing the user to view the prospective project within the virtual world.

We are able to offer our clients an in-depth Design Document, with detailled illustrations, high resolution renders of the CGI model (to scale) and any other additional technical specifications required for the project. Our clients are then able to visit the project in Virtual Reality, giving them the closest representation of the project currently possible, being able to see a true visual reference to scale, layout and content population, before even a single foundation has been laid.

3D Printing
Using existing 3D printing technologies and model making skills, we can even reproduce our models into a physical, real world replica of the finished CGI design.

Management, Set Build, Props and Models
You can also be assured that the designs and cost management have been provided by a team with the experience and knowledge needed to build the sets, props & artifacts and to create a well-conceived project, from start to finish.

With over 15 years of scenery design & construction experience and a sound collective of exceptional talent, we will be able to dedicate the right skills to any specialist tasks. We work internationally, so can look over your brief even if you are based overseas.

Our services include:
  • Project Management & Art Direction
  • Digital designs, CAD & CGI models
  • VR Tours, Apps & Project Visualisation
  • Illustration & Concepts
  • Model & prop making
  • 3D Printing
  • Themed environments for the leisure industry
  • Set building for theatre, screen & stage
  • Interesting spaces for commercial property
  • Animal enclosures
  • Exhibition stands
  • 3D signage
  • Mold making & reproductions
  • Vivid murals
  • One off commissions
  • Artworks including paintings & sculpture
  • Street art & graffiti
  • Festivals
  • Soundtracks & theme tunes
  • Interactives & animatronics
  • Prosthetics, masks & horror props
  • and much more...

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