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Proleads Manufacturing Limited

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Proleads Manufacturing Limited
020 85390074
Goolam Ramjan
Unit 5 Acacia business centre,
Howard Road, Leytonstone,
E11 3PJ

About Proleads Manufacturing Limited

Proleads was founded in 2006. We realised that custom made products such as power distribution units, cables and other solution was lacking in the market so the goal was to address this issue but keeping the cost low without compromising on quality. We soon built up a reputable business based on this and now with our own in house Cad and PCB design facilities we are able to manufacture our own products and serve new satisfied customers on a daily basis. At proleads we never stop focusing on customer service, so we can give you the customer our pledge that we will do everything in our power to give you a satisfactory service.

Audio Looms

Stage Boxes

Audio Leads

We can supply customers with Looms made to your specifications in terms of the following:

  • Number of connectors, 8 to 48 Way
  • Type of Connectors
  • Length of cable
  • Detachable of fixed Cable

Audio Patchbay
Proleads Manufacturing audio patchbay in various format 1/4" Jack, Bantam or XLR.

Rack Power Units
Proleads Manufacturing high quality power distribution units available in a number of different formats using the latest design technology and production.

Audio Break out Boxes

XLR Wall Boxes

Audio D Sub Looms

Location of Proleads Manufacturing Limited