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Sematron, in partnership with Avanti Communications, provides SNG/OU services across EMEA. With fast and reliable speeds, you are able to capture, edit, broadcast and communicate even in the most remote locations. With an exceptional combination of people, processes, facilities and track record in the fast moving world of satellite communications, Sematron are at the forefront of insightful design, development and realisation of lightweight satellite systems and are the development partner and virtual development team of choice for many of the world’s largest communications providers.

Sematron designs, supplies and implements solutions globally for the Telecoms & Enterprise, Defence & Avionics, New Media & Broadcast and Mobile & Wireless sectors. In satellite communications, Sematron is the largest supplier of equipment for ground stations and the largest UK distributor for Timing, Test and Measurement equipment. Its network products help build infrastructure, monitor performance and provide optimisation. In Broadcast, within the Contribution and Distribution sectors; Sematron’s extensive range of compression, transmission and Satellite News Gathering (SNG) products have proven reliability and keep pace with customers’ requirements and the latest technology.

We are a technology distributer with excellent supplier relationships with the leading players in your industry. We’re here to help you source satcoms and broadcast equipment and systems, RF/microwave or digital components, and diagnostic test and measurement instrumentation. We can bring you the benefits of our global buying power and a quarter of a century of relationship building within your markets. We are a partner who wants to share that knowledge and experience for your benefit.

Office in the Field product

The ‘Office in the Field’ is a complete internet terminal that can operate over multi-bearer platforms including satellite, GSM (3G/4G), Wi-Fi or Wired Ethernet. It will allow you to edit HD in the field, connect across multiple devices, integrate with 3G/4G devices and make SIP calls, all in the field.

Once on site, the ‘Office in the Field’ can be assembled by a single person within 5 minutes and using the Sematron multi-bearer router (MBR), an IP link can be connected within seconds. The MBR is a very clever multi WAN router that will detect the presence of IP routes and select the best option from a pre-defined priority list. If your current mode of connection is interrupted, the MBR will seamless switch to a standby route.

Versatile Powering Options – because we know reliable power is always the hardest commodity to find in real operational situations the ‘Office in the field’ has been designed with versatility in mind. The complete system can be run for 30 minutes on weatherproof batteries whilst you are finding a safe reliable source of mains power.

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Sematron In Partnership With Avanti Communications Offer SNG/OU Services
Sematron, in partnership with Avanti Communications, provides SNG/OU services across EMEA. With fast and reliable speeds, you are able to capture, edit, broadcast a ...

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