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Welcome to Emmyland! We're a boutique rental house based in Brockley, South East London specialising in bespoke wet and dry equipment hire to the motion picture film and tv industries. We specialise in camera, lens and grip hire. Emmyland was founded by Focus Puller and Camera Technician Emily-Jane Robinson who has over 10 years experience working within the film and tv industry within the Camera Department. We are proud to be the first rental house in the United Kingdom with a female Founder and Managing Director.

Emmyland is a truly independent rental house, with its roots and heart being birthed from within the Camera Assisting community. We are run by ACs, for ACs, so that Cinematographers will only have the very best equipment to work with with us as suppliers. Our kits are built by experts, for experts. We aim to be the superior and most simple solution for production as we have been founded on the principles of only sending out and stocking immaculately prepped and perfectly performing equipment. You will never see an Emmyland label on set and find that there are bits and bobs missing or that things are not working properly. If you choose to hire from us, we can guarantee that you will only be working with the very best.

Emmyland shooting kits are in immaculate condition and are rigorously specified and maintained in house. We stock only the very best industry standard equipment: from Arri camera systems, Cooke, Zeiss and Arri lenses, to Ronford Baker grip equipment. All of our equipment comes prepped and ready to shoot with every imaginable accessory always included. By going above and beyond to make sure that we are only supplying the best and by building up our camera packages with all of the additional essential accessories, we can ensure that you can always rely on our gear and it is always ready for anything when it gets on to set or location.

All of the equipment listed on our website is Emmyland in-house kit. We are happy to provide a one stop shop for all the equipment you might need on a shoot, and can cross-hire anything else that you might need if it is not listed here on our website through our collaborators and dedicated cross-hire partners in the industry.

We invite you to come and visit us and test our equipment at our 1,200 sq ft Headquarters in Brockley, South East London. We pride ourselves by offering an exceptionally personalised service to all of our clients, no matter the budget or size of the production. We can also offer package deals and are happy to facilitate testing at our kit rooms and to answer any technical questions you might have.

Our founder Emily-Jane is always available to accompany our equipment on set and come on board as Focus Puller and 1st AC, and so is Max, our dedicated Director of Operations and 2nd AC / Loader. Emily-Jane and Max have been working together almost exclusively for 5 years and work most efficiently as a team. We can offer exceptionally competitive discounts on projects where they are able to come on board to assist your Director of Photography and form the camera department. Check out What We Do to read more about our unique wet-hire one-stop-shop service and how we might be able to assist you on your next production.

To view Emily-Jane's Focus Pulling work please visit her portfolio website at


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