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About ImageStore Ltd

Welcome to ImageStore, specialists in Data Storage.

Established in 1993, ImageStore is an International business specialising in the Data Storage market. Now in it's 22nd year supplying Disk, Tape and Optical technology you can always be assured of expert knowledge and sound advice.

We may be a specialist but that doesn't mean our prices aren't competitive. We've been working with our suppliers now for over 20 years and have built up relationships that enable us to offer the lowest prices in the UK. This helps us to provide customers with consistently high-quality, low-cost supplies solutions.

We are not an internet only company so when you buy from ImageStore you also have access to qualified technicians and sales support staff to answer or advise you with any questions you have.

Products / Services / Credits

  • Scaleable Disk Storage Systems
  • NAS Storage Systems
  • Portable Hard Disks
  • Tape Backup Drives & Libraries
  • LTO Tapes
  • RDX Docks and Cartridges
  • CD & DVD Printing
  • AIT Tapes
  • DAT Tapes
  • DVD Ram Cartridge Drives
  • DVD Ram Disks
  • MO Disks
  • Video Tapes
  • Storage & Transit Cases


Name Role Email Telephone
Andrew Humphrey Head of Sales +442380736500
Pete Wood Marketing +442380736500
Peter Bonthrone Accounts +442380736500
Stuart Humphrey Director +442380736500


Company News

Looking at Long-Term Data Archiving

If you are storing data on hard disks for the long-term, you WILL lose data. You need a Plan B.

In this article we look at LTO tape which is low cost, reliable and has a guaranteed life of over 30 years. Archiving with tape is not just about speed or storage capacity. It’s about workflow. Everything you learned working with magnetic video tapes applies to working with LTO tapes.

For successful archiving you need to:

  • Create backups on a consistent, regular schedule.
  • Organize files before you archive them, don’t try to reorganize the tape itself.
  • Correctly store and track your tapes.
  • Track your files after they’ve been archived.
  • Use tapes for data you want to store for a long time or transfer somewhere else, not for files you need to access continuously.
  • Storing files for the long-term is important. FINDING the files you’ve stored is even MORE important.
  • Having the right hardware is only half of the solution to archiving. The other half is tracking which files are stored on which tape.

    LTO-6 Thunderbolt now makes archiving easy.

    The Thunderbolt LTO-6 Tape drive from ImageStore, is a sleek and stylish unit designed to complement the glowing-black appeal of the modern day IT environment. Designed as a stand-alone system to be attached to a single computer, it has all the necessary software to immediately start saving critical files to tape and track files once stored. It reads and writes data around 150MB/second (the speed of a single SATA hard drive), and holds 2.5TB of native data per tape. Inside the unit we use a LTO-6 drive from IBM; one of the three founding partners of LTO technology and the complete unit is Certified by Apple and Intel.

    Hardware and installation is easy and once you know how the utility software works, using the system to archive files is straight forward.

    This is an essential component for every Editor’s hardware toolbox.

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