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Luke Depper

About Livewhire Ltd.

Livewhire is an independent fibre hire, repair and solutions company that focuses primarily on SMPTE camera fibre, Miscellaneous fibre systems and fibre cable/connectivity. Dedicated to providing the best, most efficient service, rates and 'Tx' days possible.

Why are we different?
Our experience is from within the Outside Broadcasting industry, specifically the hiring of kit from external suppliers. Years of working from within one of the largest Outside Broadcasters in the world have allowed us to get a unique impression of what a great fibre solutions company should be, Livewhire's aim is to combine what we have learnt and deliver the best service possible.

  • Free delivery to base within the London area
  • Free delivery to site within the London area
  • Contactable 24/7, 365
  • Efficient, hassle free service
  • Flexible 'Tx' dates for longer hire periods

Products / Services / Credits

  • Fibre Hire
  • Telecast Python
  • Telecast SHED
  • SMPTE hire
  • camera Fibre
  • Telecast Rattler
  • Fibre Repair
  • Telecast Adder
  • Telecast Viper
  • Fibre Solution
  • Tac 4
  • Video Cable
  • Video Looms
  • Plexsis
  • Fiber Hire
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