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Soundtrack Creation Ltd.
Sefi Carmel
16 Carlisle Street,
London UK,
W1D 3BT,

About Soundtrack Creation Ltd.

Soundtrack Creation is an award winning London based team lead by composer and sound designer Sefi Carmel.

We offer Soundtrack creation packages for feature films, trailers, cinema and tv commercials as well as high profile documentaries, games and online media.

Soundtrack creation includes composition of original music, sound supervision, design, editing, foley, ADR, fx track lay and a full mix – theatrical Dolby Digital / Dolby Atmos surround mix, or stereo for tv, online or mobile devices, at the highest possible standard. (These services are of course available separately).

We have worked with producers and directors such as Ridley Scott, Cameron Macintosh, John Woo, Chris Columbus, Kevin Reynolds and many more.

We have enjoyed success creating soundtracks for feature films, high profile documentaries and dramas, for Fox, Miramax, Buena Vista, Disney, Universal, Warner, BBC1, BBC2, SKY, Channel 4, Five, The Discovery Channel, MTV, and National Geographic Channel, to name but a few.

Mixing & Mastering
With more than 20 years of experience, award winning London based Producer / Mixer / Mastering engineer Sefi Carmel, has mixed, remixed and mastered tracks for David Bowie, Phill Collins, BB King, Massive Attack and many more. He has recently mixed Bruno Mars’ live show at the Cafe De Paris in London for broadcast on MTV Worldwide, and lately completed mixing 16 tracks for Michael Buble’s Live show for broadcast on ITV and DVD release worldwide.

In his state of the art London based studio, he uses a combination of high end digital equipment, select analogue mastering gear, and a huge collection of vintage synths to create epic, LOUD chart topping results, that shine in any listening environment – radio and tv broadcast, web streaming to laptops, mobile devices, cars and clubs!

The Soundtrack Creation studio was built with all the necessary tools for realising our vision – Soundtrack Creation for feature films, games and TV at the highest standard.

Sound design, composition, foley, ADR, and mixing all under one roof. With 5.1 surround Genelec monitoring, Vintage Neumann microphones/preamps and a great collection of vintage synths. It’s a bespoke playground, a purpose built studio for realizing your dreams through our vision.

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