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About Tristar TV

Who We Are
Tristar Television is a 20 year old Independent Television Production Company and agency for ITV, Sky and Channel 5.

What We Do
We produce TV Commercials, TV Programmes and online videos for Social media and Email marketing, internet TV and website presentation and demonstration.

Over the years Tristar Television has produced and broadcast many successful TV campaigns for companies of all sizes from SME to the large Multi-Nationals.


Media Buying and Production
Tristar Television handles all media buying, creative and production in our own 1600 sq ft film studio facility including: Directors, Producers, Storyboard artists, scriptwriters, editors, camera, lighting and sound engineers. This not only ensures our clients receive quality service it can also mean our clients save time and money too.

Any Questions
Our highly skilled staff are ready to answer any questions you might have.

Whether about concept ideas, production, cost or just some general requirement, we are here to help.

So call us any time and let us show you how to increase revenue with video.

Studio Shoot
Tristar’s 1,600 square foot fully equipped studio has been used by many major production organisations including Universal Music and BBC’s Countryfile’. Several scenes from the Independent film ‘The Escapist’ starring Joseph Feinnes were shot here. The studio is also home to all Tristar’s in-house studio and product shoots. The unique space can be transformed to hold anything from a one on one interview to a multi-camera live product demonstration. Frequently used for chroma key work, the studio encompasses infinity curves at floor and ceiling height making it ideal for any kind of productions which include state of the art CGI backgrounds.


Media Buying
Tristar Television plan and book targeted TV advertising campaigns primed for maximizing coverage, leads and return on investment. Our team of TV advertising experts will put together your plan around the channels that best match your targeted market place, with programmes and timeslots most appropriate for reaching your target audience, utilizing analysis to construct an optimized TV advertising strategy.

TV Analytics
The TV Advertising campaign analysis report provides you with the market insight required to maximize the effectiveness of your TV campaign. The reports identify and breakdown the performances of single and multiple clock times, facilitating you with a level of measurability that guarantees results.

By utilizing Tristar television’s Advertising campaign analysis service, you gain access to the viewership demographics of each channel, with days and dates most appropriate for optimizing the viewing figures for your campaign.



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