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Harding Flash and Pattern Test for Broadcast Compliance

Cambridge Research Systems Harding Flash and Pattern Analysers are recognised by programme makers and broadcasters around the world as the gold standard for protecting viewers from video material that could trigger photosensitive epileptic seizures. Offering full implementations of the ITU-R BT1702, UK-Ofcom and NAB (Japan) guidelines on provocative flashing and patterns, the HardingFPA systems provide both an efficient method of testing material and a wealth of information to assist editors in repairing non-compliant imagery. Representing a core part of the new DPP Broadcast Delivery Specifications, all Harding systems are now fully Windows or Mac compatible and available for both tape and file based workflows.

The HardingFPA-XLite, designed specifically for small organisations, is limited to analysing and certifying HD/SD video files both as work-in-progress reference-clips during an edit and as a finalised product. It generates identical results to all our other Harding analysers and has a graphical user interface which can store up to 3 sets of results.

The Harding FPA-HD is able to analyse video material via HD-SDI feed, or files, or both. The results can be output in PDF format as a Pass / Fail certificate + time codes and thumbnail images if the guidelines are exceeded. In addition, the results can be saved in our propriety format and examined in detail by third parties using our viewer software which is now freely available to download from our website.

The HFPA-XHD system performs file-based analysis and can support over 100 editors through your local network. The HFPA-XHD is a cross platform product which can operate in a mixed Windows or Mac client / server environment. In addition, our Harding FPA-XHD analyser is now available as a 3D variant which analyses the left and right video channels concurrently producing two separate sets of detailed results and pdf certificates.

Our Harding analysers use the DPP recommended version 3.4 algorithms which are designed to analyse a wide variety of standard HD and SD video formats and come with free technical support and periodic software upgrades for the life of the product. In addition, our HD analysers contain a legacy mode option so that they can emulate a Harding v2.54 when analysing standard definition video if required. Our analysers are by far the most widely used in the UK and will accept all the main professional video codecs including: IMX 50, AVC Intra 100, DVCPRO and DNxHD.

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