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Alexander Lentjes
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About 4KRender

4KRender offers a complete 4K Ultra-HD render, upscale and conversion service for high end, high spec CGI animation and live-action content. From feature film to television series, 4K Ultra-HD HFR 48fps HDR Stereoscopic 3D content can now be produced for realistic budgets.

4K CGI rendering
Based in Bristol, UK, we offer an active, involved render service that can shave a third off your 4K HFR render costs, through high-end specialization, the use of proprietary processes, clever algorithms and strategic render farm management.

4KRender is a completely managed service that takes all render work, worries and headaches away from you.

2K to 4K upres
4KRender specializes in 2K to 4K conversion, also referred to as 2K4K blowup, uprez, upres, upscale and upconvert from 2K to 4K.

You can render your animation project in a regular 2K resolution and we can do a blowup to 4K for you. The way we approach this is from a perspective of maximum quality. To achieve best results, we analyze each scene / shot / sequence and adjust upscaling parameters to achieve the best possible visual end results.

24fps to HFR conversion
HFR stands for High Framerate / High Framerates at generally refers to 48fps, 50fps, 60fps, 96fps and 144fps. You can render your animation project in a regular 24fps framerate and we can do a framerate upconversion to HFR for you.

2D to 3D conversion
We convert 2K, 4K or higher, 24fps, 48fps or higher, at real world budget prices.

Flat 2D film to 3D Stereoscopic animation and live-action is most definitely possible and UHD 4K HFR 48fps film do not pose much of a budgetary challenge. Most spectacularly, it is all possible at television production budgets rather than just at feature film levels - and all from the UK.
Tel. +44 (0)1179 441 449

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