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About C1 Film Production Stills Photography

We specialise in production stills photography and commercial shoots, across the UK and internationally. We work with broadcasters and film-makers to capture the key moments, both while the cameras are rolling and behind the scenes.

Taking a picture is relatively simple... but production stills photography is not easy, especially on live or ‘as live’ shows.

That’s because we’re normally working silently in low light, avoiding fixed and mobile cameras, steadicams and jibs - all the time making sure that we don't appear in shot or put the talent off! On most TV / ad shoots, it simply isn't an option to keep everyone waiting while still images are taken separately. That's why it's important to work with someone (like us!) who can shoot around what's going on.

We aim to melt into the background, working around studio audiences and all the camera, cable, lighting and sound constraints. We use cameras and lenses with excellent low light performance and aquatech acoustic blimps which suppress virtually all noise.

Whether it's a studio or location shoot, we can capture the performance, behind the scenes action and the creative set-ups. We can also edit on-site and make the images available straight away to the media if required.

We offer a simple rate card system for agencies and production companies. We also operate a simple, flat licence structure so you don’t need to worry about managing complex usage rights.

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