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About Amadeus Acoustic Solutions

Amadeus Acoustic Solutions provides a range of products and services to meet your acoustic needs.
The company addresses acoustic challenges large and small; from the supply of top quality acoustic doors to the installation of beautifully designed, sound-insulated modular studio suites. The team’s extensive experience allows them to tame sound issues in a multitude of spaces be it an acoustic solution for a large multi-purpose space or an affordable, modular, noise reduction solution for the budding drummer in the family who is driving the neighbours to distraction.

Products and Services

Acoustic doors - Acoustic doors are integral to providing a properly sound insulated room. At Amadeus we can provide doors rated from 41 Rw dB up to 55 RW db, suitable for schools, recording studios and all environments where improved sound insulation is required. 
Fed up with long lead times for acoustic doors?
We often have a wide selection of doors in stock ready to go.
Take a look at our website to check availability.

BOXY modular acoustic rooms - Amadeus Acoustic Solutions is the exclusive distributor of BOXY acoustic soundproof rooms in the UK – the only modular soundproofing system capable of guaranteeing final transmission performance and internal reverberation control. The BOXY system is completely modular allowing flexibility during the design stage to make best use of all available studio space and create the perfect environment for a variety of uses, from music rehearsal to radio and editing. BOXY acoustic soundproof rooms are designed to guarantee room-to-room sound transmission reduction by over 65dB and even as much as 72dB!

Garden Music Studios - As working from home becomes increasingly popular in the UK, Amadeus’s acoustically rated garden rooms are the ideal solution to provide an ambient music studio or work environment, whatever you do. Individually designed to your specification, our sound proof garden studios can provide a flexible acoustic environment almost anywhere. The contemporary design will complement and enhance your outdoor haven, whether you want a quiet hide-away at the end of the garden or you simply want a practical, usable space for your business/profession.

M-Pods - Easy to build, acoustically designed modular soundproof pods for music practice at home, from drums to piano, trumpet to tuba and everything in between. The M-Pod has an acoustic rating of 39dB, a high level of sound transmission reduction. As it sits on a floating floor, rather than being mechanically secured to it, there is little chance of any floor-borne sound transmission.

Acoustic solutions - Amadeus Acoustic Solutions is an experienced provider of acoustics consultancy and management solutions that radically improve the sound characteristics of multi-purpose halls and communal areas. Large multi-purpose spaces in schools, e.g. gyms, canteens, halls and large corridors, are renowned for undesirable sound level issues. Using top-of-the-range acoustic modelling software, our acoustics experts quickly and easily survey the affected area and, based on thorough analysis of the results, recommend the most appropriate solution for your particular acoustic issue.
  • Acoustic doors
  • BOXY modular acoustic rooms
  • Garden music studios
  • M-Pods
  • Acoustic design, survey and testing
  • Acoustic panel installation
  • Acoustic screens


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