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Above the line security
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About Above the line security

Film Industry parlance – ‘Above the Line’. The invisible line on the budget that determines whether you turn left or right when you walk in the aeroplane, get a chauffeured limo to the set or take the crew mini-bus, a personal chef cooking your meals in your trailer or queuing up at the caterers van! So why did we choose the name and what does it mean? For us, it represents the top class service we want to provide to you and your production. First class treatment. The ‘A-List’ treatment we want to make happen for you and your production.

Let’s be very honest here. We are talking about security and set assistance on your film and location. We’re not talking about Oscar winning acting performances or quantum physics or the glamour that outsiders perceive the movie business to be.

We’re talking about the hard graft of getting your productions running as smoothly as is humanly possible. A common sense approach but with the wisdom of experience that years on set can bring.

We know our role – a small but indispensable cog in the much bigger wheel of your film set.

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, just give you a service we can be proud of and at every possible opportunity, add value to the services you may have used from others in the past.

We make no bones about it – we haven’t been around for decades but we are experienced professionals and there is no assumption from us that we will get your business. There is no over familiarity from us, we would just like the opportunity to show you the way we think film security and set support should be run. We haven’t lost our hunger for success and will treat your production with the respect it deserves.

Since our company began we’ve proudly supplied the security and set assistance on productions such as WWZ, Downton Abbey, Anna Karenina, Street Dance 3, Sherlock Holmes 3 – Additional Photography, Hummingbird and numerous adverts including Agent Provocateur and Chanel and launch events such as the David Beckham event at H&M stores.

Services We Offer
To make our services clear we show clearly what are our CORE services, which you would expect as a matter of course from a company such as ours and then you will also find details below of additional services which you may need to consider for your production.

  • Security – protection of the cast, the crew and the equipment at ALL times.

  • Unit Base operation and maintenance – including handling of water bowsers, fuel bowsers, tower lights, generators, etc.

  • Site safety controls and management – including, where applicable, marshalling of cast and crew.

  • Crowd control and crowd management systems.

  • Car parking co-ordination.

  • Paparazzi Protection – not all press attention is welcome. In addition to proactive protection on-set, we keep an ear to the ground for who might be sniffing around your film set by monitoring relevant fan sites and social media.

  • Risk analysis, threat assessment and security planning – make use of our years of experience to make sure you are neither over nor undermanned.

  • Location Liaison – our number one goal at any location is to leave it in a better state than we found it. It’s easy for tempers to flare when a local resident comes back to find their street taken over by a film crew. By building rapport with location contacts and taking care of their property, you can rest assured of a warm welcome back on your next shoot.

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