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About Bunkabin

Bunkabin is the leading supplier of site sleepers and portable cabins. Operating from our purpose-built factory in Oldham, we provide practical, portable accommodation and facility units that offer unrivalled comfort to users in a wide range of industries.

What are our cabins used for?
Our units are used on construction sites, as temporary accommodation, as modular agricultural buildings, as classrooms, for events, as substitutes for worker caravan camps, and much, much more. They are extremely adaptable and as a result our customers come to us from many different sectors. Wherever you need a portable cabin or facility unit, and whatever you need it for, we are here for you.

On-site support
Once we have transported your cabins to you, we will make sure you get the most out of them by offering on-site support. This is just one of the ways in which we aim to make sure hiring a portable cabin from us is as pleasurable and stress-free as possible.

At Bunkabin we manufacture, right here in the UK, a wide selection of portable accommodation and facility units for a huge range of uses and industries.

Whether you're looking for housing units, facilities units or dining units, we have a comfortable and practical solution for you. Built with quality and comfort at the forefront of every design, we have something to suit every possible need.

Our Units

We offer the following types of portable units:

Junior Deluxe Sleeper - available in single, twin and triple configurations, this is one of our most popular and adaptable units. It has a sturdy steel roof, thermostatic-controlled heating, wrap-around wall shelving, a corner TV shelf, an en-suite and much, much more. It also conforms to building regulations, and four units can be transported in one go, making it an energy-efficient option for businesses that want to be more sustainable.

Deluxe Sleeper - this unit comes with 50% more bedroom space than the Junior Deluxe Sleeper, in addition to a fitted fridge, microwave, a two-tier wardrobe, a bed-side reading light, LED ceiling lights, among many other features. The interior is walnut styled giving this unit a warm homely feel.

Bespoke Sleeper - the newest sleeper unit in the range it also conforms to building regulations. The Bespoke Sleeper is the same size as the Deluxe Sleeper but comes with a range of additional features, including extra electrical sockets; luxurious, full-length LED task lighting, and a state-of-the-art integral blind within the glass of the external K glass shutter window. ,

Junior Diner - an on-site catering and social facility that boasts a full-size single fan-assisted oven, four-ringed electric hob, fitted microwave, full-size fridge, large double sink and comfortable furniture to help workers relax during their breaks.

Portable showers - clean, reliable, powerful shower units with comfortable changing areas, locks, heating and vanity units.

Toilets - toilet and deluxe toilet blocks with facilities for men and women. Waterless urinals, spacious flushing toilet cubicles, large sinks, hand driers, tubular heating and large mirrors are all included.

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