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About Audio Related Technology Ltd

ART or Audio Related Technology Ltd has been providing high quality repair and technical services to the professional audio, broadcast and discerning individuals for since March 2000. Our dedicated workshop in Chesham is equipped with high quality test equipment. We have all the manufacturers jigs and software and highly trained staff. So whether it’s an Audio or Video product you can feel confident that ART Ltd will be able to resolve your problem in a fast and efficient manner.

Audio Service
Our Audio department is not only equipped with professional test equipment and stocked with test tapes and discs covering all the analogue and digital formats but it also benefits from staff that have been repairing and modifying Professional audio for 30 years. So there is a wealth of invaluable experience and expertise in all things audio. Capable of repairing to component level on vintage gear to the highest level of modern DSP technology.

The range of equipment we cover is vast and would be extremely tedious if we were give you a list of manufacturers. But suffice to say if you use it in a studio or live environment, broadcast or touring band and it has an audio input we fix it. Of course some gear is more complex than others so we have developed two tier pricing structure to reflect this: (All prices quoted are EX VAT)

Musical Instrument (MI), DJ & Mobile Entertainer range £55.00 / hour
  • Effects peddles
  • Stage effect and interfaces boxes
  • Wired microphones
  • Guitar amps
  • Electric guitars
  • Passive speakers
  • Turntables
  • DJ mixers
  • CD players
  • Minidisc recorder
  • Electronic musical instruments

Pro Audio range £70.00 / hour
  • Digital & analogue mixing desks
  • Digital & analogue tape recorders
  • HDD based recorders
  • Studio outboard effects
  • Active speakers
  • Power amps
  • Studio microphones
  • Wireless microphones

Video Service
Our video department is equipped with SD & HD broadcast standard test equipment and our engineers are manufacturer trained. This means you can be sure we understand not only how important technical standards are to you, but also completing the work in a timescale that suits you. It is our aim to keep you fully informed of each job as it progresses through our system so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

We offer a local collection / delivery service covering the Beds, Herts and Bucks counties for a flat fee of £47.99 (inc VAT) each way.

Below are the typical range we cover with hourly rates. If your camera or piece of equipment is not listed, don’t worry just contact us for pricing.

  • HDV & DVCAM Camcorders & VTRs - £70.00 / hour
  • NXCAM & AVCCAM Camcorders - £70.00 / hour
  • XDCAM Camcorders & VTRs - £80.00 / hour
  • HDV Camcorders & VTRs - £80.00 / hour
  • MPEG IMX VTR Decks - £80.00 / hour
  • Digital Betacam VTR Decks - £80.00 / hour
  • HDCAM-SR & HDCAM - £80.00 / hour
  • Panasonic DVCPRO, JVC HDPRO camcorders and VTRs - £70.00 / hour
  • Canon XF Range - £80.00 / hour

Picture Monitor calibration
We offer a Monitor calibration service either on site where we can colour match and balance your picture monitors in situ or if there is only 1 or 2 monitors it can be completed in our workshop.

Service Contracts
We are happy to talk to you about service contracts, these are a very cost effective way of ensuring you equipment is kept in good working order especially if you have wide range of formats and manufactures. If you think this approach may of benefit we would be happy to discuss how we could tailor a contract to suit your budget and meet your requirements. All prices quoted exclude VAT and Parts unless otherwise stated.

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