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Studio Box - Mobile Soundproof Studio Booth

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Studio Box - Mobile Soundproof Studio Booth
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About Studio Box - Mobile Soundproof Studio Booth

STUDIOBOX specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of soundproof booths in modular construction for broadcast, film, audio recording, post-production, test and measurement and educational applications. The studios provide a high-level sound isolation environment. Their interior acoustics consist of various absorbers and reflectors in an angular arrangement towards the interior of the elements. What makes the studios stand out is their controlled reverberation time. Different booth types are on offer.

The pre-fabricated, panel-based system is made of wood-based, high-quality materials, providing a pleasant room climate. It is the outcome of product development, resulting in a clearly defined technical performance (sound insulation, interior acoustics, panel-based construction), an economic price, quick availability and an easy installation. The manufacture is located in South-West Germany.

For more than 20 years, STUDIOBOX has been supplied worldwide on a direct sale basis.