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Pixels supplies and supports HD and standard definition digital media players and visual display technology for the digital signage, professional AV, broadcast, presentation, and multi-media markets.

Of particular interest is Pixels' expertise in controlled and synchronised playback of multiple HD media streams from networked media players and frame-accurate synchronised playback of HD media for 3D viewing.

Pixels is staffed by industry professionals with many years experience in digital video, computer display technologies and custom software. Manufacturers represented include Adtec Digital, BrightSign, Databay and MedeaWiz.

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Pixels helps bring about the Digital Revolution

Pixels provides BrightSign media players to achieve the “highly accurate synchronisation” required for the most comprehensive presentation of digital creativity ever to be staged in the UK.

Dunstable, 2 September 2014. Pixels UK Ltd, a European distributor of digital media players and AV systems, today announced that it has supplied 50 BrightSign media players for the Digital Revolution exhibition at London’s Barbican Centre.

Digital Revolution: An immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and videogames, which opened on 3 July and which closes on 14 September, is described as “an immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and videogames” and “the most comprehensive presentation of digital creativity ever to be staged in the UK“. The exhibition will tour the world after its London run.

The BrightSign media player is normally deployed in digital signage applications. It is, however, characterised by its ability to deliver content to a screen with absolute accuracy and reliability, and this capability was critical for the designers of Digital Revolution, 59 Productions.

“We specified BrightSign players because they are reliable, they give flexible playback, they’re at a good price point – but most importantly, because they deliver highly accurate synchronisation,” said Richard Slaney, Creative Director, 59 Productions. “We’ve worked with BrightSign players before, and they’ve always been very stable - which is key for museum and gallery work.”

The immersive and interactive exhibition brings together for the first time a range of artists, filmmakers, architects, designers, musicians and game developers, all pushing the boundaries of their fields using digital media. It also looks at the dynamic developments in the areas of creative coding and DIY culture and the exciting creative possibilities offered by augmented reality, artificial intelligence, wearable technologies and 3-D printing.

59 Productions led the media design for the exhibition, working with a wide range of contributors and artists to create a variety of different pieces, including projection design, interactive pieces, apps and more.

“For the installation piece based on the feature film Gravity we wanted to create a playback across 18 screens that were perfectly in sync, to recreate the ‘lightbox’ that was used to make the film,” continued Slaney. “BrightSign players were a perfect low-cost reliable solution to allow us to do this.”

“Being able to use the BrightSign players to auto-update from a media server meant that, as we were creating different edits for the piece, we could easily update content over the network without needing to access the players and cards,” he explained. “This worked really well in a site where access to each player would have been complicated.”

“Our experience of working with BrightSign players has been extremely positive once again,” concluded Slaney. “We’ve specified hundreds of players on different projects across
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