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About Litepanels Inc

Litepanels Broadcast Lighting Division is ready to meet the unique requirements of the network, television and remote teleproduction industry. The Broadcast Division provides the means to directly address broadcasters' lighting needs.

HD Friendly
Litepanels' new generation LED lighting is soft, flattering, comfortable and maneuverable, and beautifully illuminates today's high-def images. Lighting designers will appreciate getting complete control over lighting rations via LP's integrated dimmer system. Talent will love the comfort of heat-free lighting.


Energy Saving
Litepanels next generation technology saves big on energy consumption. Litepanels fixtures draw less than 5% of the electrical power of tungsten-lamp fixtures. And because Litepanels LEDs generate practically no heat, there are similar savings in air conditioning costs.

Cost Efficent
Add to that the more than 50,000-hour life of Litepanels LEDs, which provide over 10 years of life, even under daily usage. This contrasts with the short lamp life of incandescent and fluorescent fixtures. So say goodbye to wasted time and money changing lamps. Plus Litepanels are free from the hazardous mercury that is present in fluorescent tubes. Litepanels is the answer for a green-minded broadcaster seeking a good return on investment.


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