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Colin Gorry Effects Limited
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Colin Gorry
56A Hamm Moor Lane,
Weybridge Business Park,
South of England -London,
KT15 2SF,
England UK

About Colin Gorry Effects Limited

CG Effects provide a one-stop service of physical special effects for the film and television industry. Colin, who has 27 years of experience, formed the company in 2003 and from a fully equipped custom designed workshop in Weybridge, we are able to supply any special effect envisaged from the smallest to the most complicated and deliver it front of camera anywhere in the world.

We are expert in all disciplines of Special Effects, explosives/pyrotechnics, mechanical rigs, atmospheric, fire effects, models and soft props.

We can advise on and deliver the best way to get your ideas and aspirations on screen.

Spectacular exploding buildings, cars and bullet hits are what most people think of as special effects and we are experts in this field. Pyros, however, can be used for much more...from the smallest charge to crack a glass on cue, a shaped charge to blow a tyre off a moving car, to a cutting charge to drop a 60 foot tree.

Creating fire for us is second nature. It's a living, growing element and as such we approach it with the same care and criteria as pyrotechnics. Nothing is left to chance from the preparation to filming whether it's a simple fire in a grate or a city block engulfed in flame, and as such we have successfully set and filmed fires in listed buildings and on SSI sites without damage.

We can provide them all and we pride ourselves in making them look real, from a low lying early morning mist, a light rain, a tropical monsoon rainstorm, a light frost, a snow blizzard to a flood or waterfall.

Models and miniatures are employed for many reasons. The real thing may no longer exist or the location may be unobtainable. Models can be any size; for example we have built a 700 sq ft landscape of London to film a bombing, also a 12ft sailing ship to sink in a storm.

Close liaison with stunt coordinators and stunt men is essential when planning effects involving stunts and we have great experience and a long working relationship with some of the best in the industry.

Our safety record and attention to detail during planning through to filming the action justifies our well-earned reputation, whether it's a simple bullet hit or involving several stuntmen surrounded by dozens of explosions it is given the same careful consideration.

We have successfully built and operated hundreds of mechanical rigs employing hydraulics pneumatics when necessary and have extensive knowledge in both this area and animatronics.

Each of our effects rigs are carefully designed and constructed in the most cost efficient manner and extensively tested to achieve the desired result and perform perfectly in front of camera.
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