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13 Soho Square,
(off Berwick Street),
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About The Farm Group

The Farm Family employs over 230 talented people ... from editors through colourists, audio mixers, IT, technical and production people. There is no other TV facility that has a greater number of staff creative people. All CVs are available on request. We also represent freelance editors throughout the UK and crews all over the world. Calling The Farm is your route to the world of experienced, talented, professional people.

The Farm burst into life in Soho Square in 1998.

Founded by the former Queens and Kings of Molinare and their new best friend Martin Sorrell and his WPP group. The partners are the same today and the founders are all still full-on actively involved.

The Farm immediately attracted the top talent in the business and revolutionised levels of service throughout the post production business in London.

Since day one, The Farm's facilities have proved to be much in demand. We are so proud of our unrivalled client list and the overwhelming support and loyalty we have been shown by our clients.

We have had to grow into a group of companies in order to keep up with demand for our facilities. Over the years, we have added The Shed, Home, Uncle, Uncle West, Family and Rent to our offering. Each has a unique flavour, its own staff and access to all group talent. We can now offer an end-to-end service; from the shoot through to the final delivery.

picWe demand the best for our clients and continuously invest in the best and most up-to-date equipment.

We have a groaning awards ''cabinet'' but are more proud of our people; Farm staff stay and grow with the company and achieve personal bests time and time again.

We hope you will soon come down and meet us all.

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